Monday, July 19, 2010

Winners for day 1 of the Birthday Party Posted

Thanks so much everyone for helping me celebrate this year. I don't enjoy being another year older, but you are all making this the best birthday ever.
Here are the winners from Day 1. Congratulations!
Be sure to tell us about your favorite birthday presents to enter for day 2 of the Party. Remember each entry is eligible for the big drawing on Thursday!

Sorry for the confusion on the winners. I promise to do better tomorrow. This is the post I made this morning about our winners!!! :)

Thanks so much everyone for joining my party! I had so much fun reading the posts yesterday. You are all making this the best birthday ever.

I have drawn the 5 winners from yesterdays posts. The winners should go to and pick out their favorite image. Email me at and let me know which is your choice. I will send it right out to you.

Congratulations....and be sure to respond to today's "Presents" post because all entries are eligible not only for the daily drawing but also the big drawing on Thursday.

The winners were chosen using Here are the 5 winners drawn this morning.

Post #1 - April
Post #2 - Stef
Post #4 - Shelley
Post #5 - Irit
Post #17 - Sammibug


  1. where are the rsvp comments???? please.

  2. Hi Stef. I posted the winners in a comment at the RSVP post. Tomorrow I will make a new post so it is less confusing. :)