Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Second What Marion said!

I wanted to second what Marion said by wishing my best friend and Sister at Heart
 A Very Happy Birthday!
As Shelly told you earlier this month, she and I met as Secret Sisters. 
And what a blessing she was - What God didn't give me in a sister, he gave me in my best friend.
What a kind and compassionate soul he blessed me with as my Sister At Heart.
I'm so grateful for the friendship we have shared over the years and I look forward to the years of friendship to come!
I wish you one of the most wonderful birthdays my friend and many many more to come!
Happy Birthday Sis!
Hugs - Min

1 comment:

  1. Every now and then I get SOOOO lucky in life. Min, knowing you as been such a blessing. Thanks for your nice post. Now you have me all sniffly.

    I love ya Sis!