Monday, July 19, 2010

PRESENTS!!! Birthday Party Day 2

So, now that the invites have gone out and the R.S.V.P's are coming in, what birthday party is complete without PRESENTS!! Yup, most of the time, you have to go birthday shopping for the birthday girl, but today, the PRESENTS are FOR YOU!!!
Not only do you have the chance to WIN great Shelly Images images and even a big image prize on Thursday, but today we want you to leave us a comment and tell us -
What were the best PRESENTS you ever received??
(Remember, only one comment per day....and comments must be made by 11:59 CST)

It could be as a kid, as an adult, we just want to know what the best PRESENT was!!
Just tell us what it was and you could win some PRESENTS!
Invite your friends - this is the kind of party we love having you bring a friend to!!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!
Lots of Presents!
~Min :)


  1. Ohhh... what a difficult question... I must say that my best birthdaypresent was this year when I got my first borderpunch and some lovely papers. I'm new in scrapbooking so I become very happy about this.

  2. The best present I ever received was my daughter. She was to be born on my birthday (Christmas) but she came earlier than that. Everyone was so focused on getting things ready for the baby, they forgot about my birthday that year, but it didn't matter because I received the one thing that was PRICELESS!

  3. Best, most memorable birthday? My 21st. My b-day is Jan 1st. So New Year's Eve that year, I was out with friends and at midnight, everyone bought me drinks because I had reached the LEGAL drinking age! (-:
    The next day, mom and dad had a surprises party for me at the nicest restaurant in town, complete with Flaming Baked Alaska (which I thought was the coolest thing I ever saw)!
    On the way out, they walked me out to the portico and the hostess handed me the keys to my NEW CAR (new to me, used 1979 Mercury Cougar)!!

  4. Sorry had some typing errors, deleted last message.
    My best birthday present was from my husband (at the time my boyfriend). In 2001 Frank proposed to me and gave me my engagement ring on my birthday, November 19th.
    It wasn't so much the thought of the ring, but the thought of a future life with him!
    We married in March of 2003, 2 years after our first date!

  5. OH.....I had to respond! I am loving these stories. I feel like I get to know each of you so much better.

    Phillan, I hope you will jump right in and ask questions if you ever have any. We have some very talented people who are regulars at our blog. You are in great company here. :)

    Lawren...I just love that story. It is so sweet and says so much about you.

    Hestiahelper...that sounds like a fantastic birthday. I just love surprises.

    And Sandi...your story reminds me of my engagement with my husband. That time is so magical and you are exactly right about the real prize being in the future with him.

    Thanks for sharing everyone!
    This is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

  6. The best present I received was a handmade macaroni necklace from my 3 year old son....It was one of the 'ugliest' things he has ever made me, but I wore it regularly!! His fashion sense has improved greatly over the last 8 years!!

  7. These Birthday stories are just wonderful!! Sandi, I like you would have to say one of my best birthdays was the year my hubby and I got engaged July 6, 2002 - he proposed the day before my birthday, but what a wonderful celebration we had.
    The other best birthday was this year getting news that after 5 weeks in the hospital, my dad was going home!
    Keep these stories coming!!!

  8. These are definately some wonderful birthday memories! Mine was from my youngest daughter. She had been in Iraq for almost six months. Although we talked regularly on the computer, something was still missing. On my birthday, I realized what was missing, and I got the gift of hearing her voice on a phone call from her on my birthday! I love the internet, but nothing beats hearing your kids voice! You can tell when they're happy or sad just by the sound of their voice. I know that my happiness carried on for a long time that year, and I still tear up remembering about it!

  9. I'm not sure what my favorite birthday present would be....but I have the most amazing friends who make each birthday extra special. Of course, it's all coupled with the fact that we're the same age but I turn it first in a year so I get all the teasing. For my 30th, they decorated my house to the theme of Old McDonald. For my 40th, they decorated my front porch with walkers, depends, and various items. I think I'll go into serious hiding for my 50th! LOL

  10. Love all these special present memories. I have to say my most treasured birthday gift was a "promise" ring from my future husband. An engagement ring followed and we had 32 wonderful years together.

  11. I've had a lot of memorable gifts for my b-day, but one that stands out the most was given to me from my ex-boyfriend many years ago, It was a book about a famous entertainer, this stands out because it was the first time that I didn't have to drop hints about a gift! LOL! yeas he actually picked it out on his own and I loved it.

  12. I think my most memorablr and favorite present wasn't for a birthday, but a couple years ago my DH gave me a Christus Statue. I had wanted one and didn't think we could afford it. He found a good sale. My favorite bday present would be the cedar chest my mom gave me when I turned 18. She was a single mom and it was a BIG thing, but she worked it out. I still use it.

  13. my best present was not a birthday but a christmas pressie. It was the 1st year of being on my own with 2 young children to support. I'd scrimped and saved for months to get them both one thing each that they really wanted. They were in bed sound asleep on christmas eve after an evening of reading "T'was the night before Christmas". I was sitting in the living room wondering what the next day would be like... a knock on the door... There with 3 enormous boxes was a woman from Womens' Aid. 2 were full of pressies for the children and the other with groceries for me. That year even I started to believe there was a Santa. My Extra Special gift was the look on the childrens' faces next morning after they had been told that mummy couldn't afford much that year. That was priceless. .... and daft thing I am - I have tears rolling down my face remembering it all again. Thankyou for reminding me xx

  14. One birthday that stands out in my mind was when I was 9 or 10 and received a Barbie doll with lots of clothes. She went with me everywhere and was my favorite doll ever. I wish that I still had her since she was one of the original Barbies. Not exactly sure what happened to her?

  15. Hmmm... my most memorable and favorite present (rather presents) was given by my DH on our first marriage anniversary. He got many gifts for the occasion and with each passing hour, I was getting surprises like soft toy, bouquet, chocolates... :) And since it was our first, he got me a 'handmade paper' (first anniversary = paper anniversary) and a cute pendent ;). It was one of the joyous days for me, not because of the gifts but because the way he chose and spent time in getting those.

  16. Well Happy B-Day Shelly. Hope its the best one yet. This is such a great way to celebrate.
    My favorite B-Day present ever was when my True Love proposed to me and then threw together a surprise party for me. Its definately the B-Day I will always remember.
    Hugs, Rosalee

  17. when you hit my age you don't have birthdays because you just celebrate life!!! life ... that you got up in the morning without any aches & pains. now THAT'S a present!!!

    hugs :)

  18. Thank you all so much! The stories are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your most special memories with me. ( owe me a special memory. :) Of course I am only kidding. I love your humor. Thanks for the smiles)

    Look for the winners post please. :)

  19. My best present every was a puppy who is my little shadow, following me around everywhere I go. The amount of love and devotion she has brought into my life is amazing!

  20. Debbie....I feel the same way about my puppies. They are constant companions.