Angel Policy - Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Terms of Use
Copyright and License Agreement

The artwork contained within is copyright © 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Shelly Parker
The artwork has been provided to you for your personal use.  There are no refunds on digital stamps. Once they have been downloaded, they are yours to keep and no money will be refunded.  Terms of use and our Angel Policy applies to all of our digi stamps whether purchased or free.  Free digi stamps may not be shared or sold.

Please do me the courtesy of protecting my original creations and the many hours of hard work that go into creating them by following the guidelines below.

DO keep my file names intact, including my name. 
DO use my artwork for your personal projects.
DO use my files to make gifts.
DO post photos of your own projects made using my artwork, but give me credit and point people to my website so they may purchase images to use on their crafts.

DO NOT sell my files or artwork, either alone or in any package.  You may sell completed "one of a kind" projects using my images. Projects that are intended for sale must show Shelly's somewhere on the project.  Either with the illustration trademark or with a separate notation on the back of the project.  Projects that are sold online must identify that the image is from Shelly's somewhere in the description.
DO NOT use my artwork in any class, tutorial, or make-and-take without my prior written permission.
DO NOT use my artwork to make products intended to be sold.  It is permissable to sell a completed "one of a kind" project using my artwork.  You may not mass produce projects or products using my images
DO NOT post my original artwork in any public forum, web site, or mail group.  You may post  your completed project.  You may not share or sell unfinished items made from my artwork.
DO NOT send my artwork to others.  Instead please introduce them to my web site so that they can purchase images.
DO NOT use my art to create patterns or images to create items to sell to others so that they can re-sell them.
DO NOT mass produce items.  This includes printing my artwork, cutting it out and then offering it for sale. 
DO NOT digitize my art for embroidery or copy my art in any way for embroidery or any sewing crafts.
DO NOT use my art, or any form of my art, to create stamps, rubber stamps, digi stamps, or clear stamps.
DO NOT create cut files (SVG etc.) and sell them, or give them away. You may however create them for yourself
for youy own projects.
DO NOT alter my files and/or artwork in any way other than re-sizing.  Embellishing and layering is permitted. 

My art, graphics, files, etc. may not be duplicated, resold, altered, or shared in any form for any reason. 
Please contact me if you have any questions.

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