Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last time I was DT leader, I showed a technique called Faux Mosaic. This week is just Mosaic.:) Now what is something pretty much EVERY crafter you know has?
The answer: A big box of scraps that we cannot part with for fear that there may be some paper in there that we cannot live without and that we are CERTAIN we will eventually use all of the scraps up!
So, we hang onto this box and one day we find out, wait, there ARE uses for my scraps:) One way is the Mosaic technique. You need your scraps, scissors, double sided tape, glitter, a light neutral piece of CS (can be a scrap) and your trimming blade. Cut the neutral paper to desired size. I chose 2" x 5.25".

Decide which scraps you would like to use. You'll probably want to pick colors/patterns that work well together.

Once you have chosen your scraps, you will randomly cut a bunch of triangles out of them. You may have to trim some later to fit your paper, but that's ok.

Now cover your piece of paper with double sided tape and peel off the protective layer.Stick your triangles the way you want them on the paper, trimming when necessary. You will want to leave space uncovered. When you have achieved your desired amount of coverage to the neutral paper, turn the whole thing over and smoosh it around in the glitter.When your open spaces are all filled with glitter, you are done! Doesn't it look nice?!? (If you are having trouble seeing this, double click on the picture for a closer look).
Then you are ready to choose your papers and add it to your card
Then, all you are left to do is add the finishing touches - an image, possible a sentiment and embellishments as desired. I chose "MY HEART" from SHELLY'S IMAGES as my image. Sentiment is from a clear set in my stash and flower is from Prima. I'm really pleased with the result and hope that I have taught you something new and useful. HUGS!


  1. I love this technique Audrey! I am learning so many things. And it is great to have these techniques all in one place so that I can refer back to all of your lessons. Thanks for making this tutorial. I know how much time it takes, but this was definitely worth it!

  2. Your card turned out nicely. I like the colors and the overall look. I have to admit I was stuck on that HUGE box of scraps in the photo. LOL! (I know...easily distracted by things) My box isn't nearly that big.

  3. What a fabulous tutorial Audrey! Love your Scrap bin. I've out grown my one bin so I'm up to two now.......Guess I'd better get busy with some mosaic cards & layouts! Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!!!