Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here goes another week

Here goes another week,

What a week we had. Time is not flying by... time is speeding by....
I loved this week... got some birthday's passing by and the gradution on school of my DS.

Monday the release on the blog of Tricia Shops

The tutorial on Tuesday of making your own flower,

And than we had the end of the great Challenge of Audrey on Thursday with a winner and the new challenge going up after that.

And for me the coming week I have the birthday of my DD coming up. She will be 19 years then. Girl do I feel old when I write this... giggle
The week after that... I will be a year older and going to see the age of 45 years.
And I can tell you that the week after that it's Shelly's turn to add another year to her calender....

And I know that she has some great and fun stuf for you girls to celebrate her birthday.

That is why I choose the challenge theme to be celebration.
Please make us a wonderful card and join us in the challenge.

Thanks for all your lovely comments this week and I give the blog over to Scrappy.
And you all know that it will be a week of fun sentiments and great post.

With all my love

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  1. Fabulous job this week Marion! You always bring so much of yourself to our blog and I just love that.