Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This week is a bit crazy here with all the birthday celebration, but I do want to share a technique with you today. It's pretty simple, but will help add a different look and dimension to your images.
You will need, some sort of glaze - I have JudiKins (SU crystal effects works the same way), a paint brush, some chalks (I have SU chalks), an exacto knife and your image. I am using SHELLY'S IMAGES "shoes."
First you will take the exacto knife and color of chalk you decide to use and rub off a bit of the chalk with the knife.
So now you have a bit of powder. (Please forgive all the other ink and spray stains on my mat - you are looking at the pink powder for this tutorial).
Now take you glaze and squirt some onto the powder you have made. Then you will mix it around using the paint brush until the chalk powder is all mixed in.
Now, use this mixture the same way you would use paint. You do, however, have to work quickly since the glaze is a glue and will start to dry. This technique is nice because it adds shine and texture to your image - something you do not get with traditional coloring.
So, here is what the shoes look like after I finished painting them.
I then took the shoe image, cut them out and created this card. I hope you like it and you find this technique fun and a nice way to achieve a little different look to your projects.


  1. Wow Audrey! I don't know how you do it, but you are always showing me something completely new. I haven't ever seen this before. I love the different look that this gave your card. Thanks so much for inspiring me again! Now to just find a few more hours in the day so I have more time to be creative. :)

  2. Oh wow, I kept wondering how people got that glossy look on their projects. I have to try that technique this weekend. I bought all kinds of products trying to get the glossy look.