Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What I wouldn't give to be at CHA this year!!  It's only about 5 hours from where I live, but unfortunately, it's not an option this year.  There's always next year though!

In anycase, I'm sure you've all seen little bits & pieces 'leaking' out about the new trends, hot new tools and MUST HAVE supplies.

So, don't hold back, share some of what you've seen so far from CHA. 
Leave a link in the comments - you can NEVER be ENABLED too much!  :)

These are a few links that I've seen so far today:

Yikes, this could be BAD, VERY BAD!!
Show us what you've found!


  1. Oh...hurry Christmas, hurry!

    Maybe we should plan a CHA trip next year Min.

  2. That new "Make your own stamp" machine looks cool! Not sure if it will be at CHA or not, but I can't wait to hear if it is!

    Oh Christmas... Don't be late! (I'm hearing the chipmunks singing it as I type it.... Who let them inside my head?!)

  3. lol Sammi.....great! Now guess whose head they are in?

  4. Are you kidding?! I have a bunch of friends who are going and WOW am I ever jealous! Hopefully Santa will give me a trip to next years!

  5. Scrappy, I think we should do a group trip. That would be SO fun.

  6. I didn't even know what CHA was until I 'googled' it, thank you google! Is it a once a year event, and is it at different locations, does anyone know?

  7. I believe it's twice a year, Winter (January or February) and then Summer (July usually I think). I believe it's in a new location each time. There was one time I remember it was in CA.

  8. Sandi you should join our group trip! Maybe they can plan one at the beach. I would love that. :)

  9. Websters Pages - some new fun stuff - LOVE the Sweet Season - YUMMY!!!


  10. Oh....I love the Hollywood Vogue and Waitin for Santa! I am SO paper obsessed.

  11. Oh boy, this is bad - here's another link with more stuff . . . . wonder if I can make a deal with someone to win the lottery?!


  12. oooh....that is a neat link Min. It would be so fun to have a booth at CHA.