Thursday, July 22, 2010

Let's Party One More Day - Day 5

Ok...I am having too much fun to let this party end yet. I think we have all been to parties and celebrations where the really great friends stay late and just chit chat and enjoy each other. Well, let's see how many of my friends stayed late. :)

Between now and 7 a.m. on July 23rd just chit chat with us. Anything goes. Talk about projects you are making, techniques you are trying, what you are making for dinner, what you are doing this summer. I have had so much fun chatting with everyone that I think we will have a "Chit Chat" post each week. So this will be a good test as to whether or not everyone would enjoy a place like that. I would love to hear your thoughts on that. Chat throughout the day as often as you like. I will choose 5 more winners tomorrow who will each win an image of their choice from the store.


  1. OK...I will start. I think I will tell everyone what I got for my birthday. I got GRANITE countertops!!!! And I am so excited. I have wanted granite forever. The hard thing has been being without a sink for most of the week. But my husband got it installed last night and it is so great. Now to just get the tile back splash done. :)

  2. That is a wonderful birthday present! I hope you didn't have to cook for the week you were without a sink!!
    I live in an apt. and cannot change my
    kitchen :-(
    It's coming up on my high school reunion, so am not sure how much crafting I will get done before Friday, but am sure to try out my new digis early next week!

  3. Oh granite counter tops are the best, a birthday present that will keep on giving is THE BEST. Keep celebrating and have a wonderful time doin it. Hugs

  4. Don't you just love new things in your house! Enjoy your new countertops, and have a very happy birthday!

  5. Oh ENJOY those they are gorgeous.

    As for us...we're heading to Indy this weekend for my hubby to go to NASCAR race and me to shop with my sister! Just got home from Myrtle Beach so feeling run ragged a bit.
    Will have some cards to share next week hopefully!



  6. That's an awesome brithday gift. I like my counter tops but I would love to have new cabinets. Mine are those old pressed wood things and I hate day when I win the lottery or really get fed up.

  7. oh i need time!!! lots of time!!! i'm revamping my store and believe me, it's not fun!!! ok. it IS fun, it's just very time consuming which is keeping me away from MORE FUN!!!!!

    hope YOUR day is full of FUN!

    hugs :)

  8. lol Stef....seems like I am always doing something different with the store. Good luck! husband is doing some IT work for a great cabinet company. We happen to have all of their cabinets in our house and we love them. They would definitely be worth the investment. And I know what you mean about getting fed up. We had laminate countertops that were white. Augh! I hated them. They were terrible to clean and always felt a little "hospitalish" if you know what I mean.

    Denise...enjoy your trip. I know what you mean about feeling a little ragged after being away so much.

  9. You lucky girl you, granite counter tops, I wish I could gut my whole kitchen and redo it. Would like to open it up and have a island.

    This is my last week for crafting as I'm leaving to go on holidays for 2 weeks, I can hardly wait. 5 more days and I'm free from work and my kids, hehehe that's right, vacationing without them, this is a adult girls only vacation. Not to worry though, when I come back I'm taking the kids to Disneyland!!

    Happy birthday Shelly, I do hope you get everything you want and more!

  10. Oh DQ....we are going to miss you! I hope you have a fantastic relaxing time. I love vacations with the kiddos, but I really love vacations with just my husband and I.

  11. I'm jumping in to tell you about my kitchen, would love to have everything new, except my cabinets. They are St.Charles, which I guess were very popular in the day. My grandmother had them in her kitchen when she moved in to her new home after WW2. They rock! They are made of metal.Our doors are oak on the upper cabs though. I love them, easy to clean, adjustable shelves, pull out drawers, the cutlery drawers have dividers and one deep drawer had a flower bin in it. My DH even painted the lower doors!

  12. Wow Lori....I haven't ever heard of those. I am going to do a little research to learn more. I really love the feel of antiques. They just seem to add such warmth. My Dad loved antique glassware, so I guess I get my love of antiques from him. Thanks so much for sharing this story! I am looking forward to our new chit chat area so I can keep learning more and more about everyone each week.

  13. Granite work tops, you lucky girl lol! Fantastic birthday pressie! I'm lucky we only built our house nearly 3 years ago and I got to design the kitchen, couldn't afford proper wood doors, so wood effect, but I loove it! It a wonderful walk in pantry. Must go ladies should be cleaning, just grabbed a quick coffee and you know what it is like, got a little distracted blogging lol! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, take careX:)

  14. We are so happy that you got a little distracted Annette. Thanks for dropping in to chat with us. Good luck with your cleaning. :)

  15. Happy Birthday Shelly.!
    Wow~~ It's so hot in Taiwan.
    I really want to go to the beach or swimming pool, but my mother-in-law doesn't want me to do that with my 2 kids.
    It's so pity! :-(
    But I also really love to stay at home, to make cards with my little girl(3Y9M).
    She is a talented girl, and enjoy to make cards, draw pictires.
    Hope she'll join you soon. :)

  16. It has been very hot and windy here this week. We were without A/C for two days...YIKES was it ever hot in the house. It did stay fairly decent in the I just stayed down there in my craft room. I had to work all day today and am really tired tonight.

  17. Hey there Shelly! What an awesome Birthday prezzie! Sounds like something I'd choose too! Happy Birthday lady! Hope you are keeping cool in this devilishly hot weather!

  18. Linda....I cannot imagine being without AC. At least you did have the basement. And a wonderful excuse to be in your craft room. :) I hope your air conditioning is working well now.

    And have had your share of hot weather. It has finally gotten super hot here too. Almost too hot to enjoy the pool.

    darling is so great that you posted here. I have been trying to comment on your blog, but am having such trouble. It is great that your daughter loves to draw and make cards. Be sure to have her check out our Kidz Korner at the store. Those are images that are drawn by my daughter. All of the images are free. That way the kids can shop while Mom shops. :)

    Thanks for chatting with us everyone. Be sure to check back on Sunday when we start our week long chit chat post. I hope to hear alot more from everyone and to get to know you all better.

    I will be back in a few minutes to draw 5 more lucky winners.