Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Total Blonde Moment

Do you have those?  Where you're lucky you remember your name and address without that little "If Found, Please Return To..." sticker on your shirt?!

I was so excited about our Fright Night this past weekend, that I completely FORGOT to pick our winner for the Operation Write Home Challenge.

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in the creation of Operation Write Home cards for our troops, whether it was here or another challenge blog, we're so grateful that you joined us!!  I'm sure our troops and their families will be even MORE grateful when they receive these wonderful pieces of art.

Okay, drum roll please.........

The winner of our Operation Write Home Challenge is..........

Penny Ann!

Congrats Penny Ann - please pop over to the store, pick out the image you'd like and email me at min (at) shellysimages (dot) com.



  1. Min~
    You crack me up!!
    My sticker would ask "What was I going to do??"

  2. :)....Min, it was a double blonde moment. Thank goodness you remembered when you did. Otherwise we still wouldn't be announcing our winner.

  3. HA HA, I had that sticker last night April. Multi-tasking makes my brain smoke sometimes!