Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9-7 Technique Tuesday

In today's tough economic times, we stampers are not able to stretch our stamping dollars like we used to. We love the effects of many of the products out there, but the price is prohibitive! Erm...you also may run out of what you need at 2 am like I do, so these 3 tips might be worth noting!!

My solution? GO CHEAP! That's right, why not make your own 'designer' products at a fraction of the price?

I am not knocking the amazing products out there! I use many of them too! They work great and are easy to pick up in most craft stores or online. However, if you don't mind making a bit of mess, and doing a little bit extra to save the money, then check out my ideas below!

To make your own FRUGAL 'Faux Flock', all you need is some CHEAP felt, a stiff brush, a clothes shaver, and a few containers to keep your 'faux flock' in! You brush the felt pretty hard with the brush to raise the nap before applying the shaver to it! Collecting in the tiny shaver bin is your very cheap wooly flock. It's ready to use whenever you are ready for it!

Note: I suggest you use spray adhesive with this flock as it applies more evenly, you use very little, and there is MUCH less 'flock dust' all over your work area! A slightly moistened q-tip works very well to apply the flock to your work.

To make your own 'Shimmery Spray Mist', you can get a few mini misters and add 2 or 3 tiny scoops of mica powder or Pearl Ex. Add equal amounts of liquid hairspray (if you use the mica powder), and water. Add a few drops of food coloring (if desired) and voila - Shimmering spray mist.

Note: Be sure to shake them side to side (or roll them on their sides slowly) when blending the Pearl Ex to avoid clogging. Shaking them up and down forces large particles of shimmer into the sprayer making it difficult - if not impossible to use. The hairspray sets the Mica Powder. You won't need it if you use Pearl Ex.

When you have a VERY SPENDY 'Alcohol based blender pen' dry out it can be VERY inconvenient! Especially when you don't have a re-inker! In a pinch...Vodka works! No...not for you to drink! To wet your blender pen nib!

Note: Use the Vodka sparingly! Not only because you may need a nip later...but also because you don't want to overly wet your project and have the inks run all together.

We hope these tips will help you out of whatever jam you may be in, whether it's financial, that you're out of it, or in a time crunch! Be sure to share your own Frugal ideas with us here at Shelly's Images too! We can't wait to hear from you!

HINT: We hear that digi stamps are also cheaper too! You can get many more digi images for the same price as a single stamp, and storage is a cinch too!


  1. Great tips Scrappy. I could totally feel your pain regarding running out of items at the worst times. That is how things generally work in my studio too.

  2. Wow what a fantastic tips Scrappy. Thanks a billion for them!

  3. Awesome ideas!!! I know all too well about running out of something at the worst times (nothing like a DT deadline to make you run out of adhesive and other MUST HAVE Supplies)! DOH!

  4. Great tips Scrappy! The faux flock sounds like something I could do.
    Digital images most definitely! I only have minimal rubber or acrylic stamps that I don't even use. Thanks for the tips!