Monday, September 20, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Have a Witchy Marvelous Monday!

Here's another monday... 
Days a flying by. I'm running around preparing things... go to the hospital and make cards for the blogs. And suddenly I realize that the evenings are there early... and that we are approching October already. Before you know it Halloween and thanksgiving are close by!

I'm so glad that Shelly's Images has her Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas images ready to work with. That keeps me on track with the hectic days.

Today we would love to put a spotlight on this wonderful and sweet image that is called:

Good Witch

Now is this little girl sweet or what? I had a great time coloring her...
but was in trouble cause we don't have halloween papers over here in The Netherlands.
I am so lucky that I have an Airbrush on loan so I could make my own background papers.

Here's a Good Witch from Min who LOVES to celebrate Halloween :)

And this fabulous card is made by Scrappy

And I overlooked the card from Sammi,
I apologize to you for this.  Here is the fabulous and wonderful card she made!

Hope you will go to the store and see what more fabulous halloween images Shelly has ready for you in THE STORE

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  1. ooooh! Such amazing projects with this cute image!

    Marion, I love your background paper. It is TRULY stunning. I may have to try out the airbrush sometime too! And your spotted cat is ADORABLE. Even better than what I imagined when I drew the image. :)

    Min...I love your sparkly witch. :) And I love that orange background paper. The ribbon is awesome with this card. Amazing work!

    Scrappy....I know your Mom will love your Halloween memories book. The stitching is so cute!

    You constantly surprise me with your creativity. Great work ladies. Another week where the cards are so different from one another. :)

  2. I don't know how my card missed being but in the post, but, great cards, girls!

  3. augh Sammi! I am so sorry. That is completely my fault. We even chatted at length about the card. I swear that I truly wonder where my head is sometimes! Thanks Marion for getting Sammi's card added. I will totally make it up to you Sammi.