Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Technique Tuesday

Happy Tuesday all!  I've got a little Penny Pinching Technique for you. 
I don't know about you, but it never seems to fail - I need something for a layout or card and it just so happens to be the totally WRONG color. 
And while it would be fabulous to be able to purchase something in every color I think I'd ever need, I have lots of items that with a little modification, it works just perfect.
For instance - I have all these great borders, unfortunately they're all bazzill ORANGE.  Great if I want an orange border, not so great if I need something other than ORANGE.
Well, the nice thing is with a little paint or ink - you can make it ANY color you want!
Just like I did here.
If you can do this with borders, imagine what else you can do it with and not spend a dime!
That's our little Penny Pinching Technique for this Tuesday!
Give it a try!


  1. Great technique Min! And thanks so much for jumping in and helping out this week. You are the greatest!

    This always happens to me and I usually get really frustrated before I think about ways to alter the paper. This is a great tip.

  2. I am the queen of savings....glad to see others don't always rush out and get just what they need!!

  3. It's one of those moments 'Duh, why didn't I think of that'! Thanks Min!

  4. I have those moments ALL the time Sandi!! :)))

    I'm right there with you April - THRIFTY Scrapbookin' is what I've been doing lately and heck, you can't even tell!!

    My hubby used to look at me funny every time I take something that "SHOULD" go in the garbage to my studio. I think he's learning lots of things can be used for scrappy purposes now!! LOL :)

    Would love to hear about some of the things you girls use that AREN'T scrappy products, but work great!

  5. Wonderful idea, Min! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Great tip, now if I can remember to think like that when I'm looking for that 'something'.....

  7. I'm with Lori, putting the great ideas in to long term memory is a problem!!!! LOL
    Wonderful idea, though. Long term memory idea...say it three times out loud and maybe write it down...LOL If ya don't have it.... color one!!!!!!!
    thank you