Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Special Terrifically Thrilling Thursday Challenge!

As we mentioned a little bit yesterday in our Fab Follower of the Week post,

I'm sure we all KNOW someone who is a War Hero - either active or a veteran.
Heck, you might even have one of these SPECIAL people in your family!
I know we do, both active AND veteran War Heroes.
My dad, My Father-in-Law, My Grandfather, My Cousins Son, My Husbands Cousin.
It's these Men & Women who keep our freedoms and way of life SAFE!

So, we at Shelly's Images are VERY EXCITED to have partnered up with Operation Write Home this week to help them with their September Celebration!!
And the best thing - you can send these cards to Operation Write Home and they will go to a War Hero who will in turn use your card to send to a loved one at home.

How exciting is that? You can help our War Heroes keep in touch with their loved ones from thousands of miles away?!
If you haven't participated in making cards for Operation Write Home before, you can get details HERE about OWH and 'guidelines' for making cards.

A few important things to remember when making cards to use for OWH -
No Glitter - as much as we all LOVE glitter (and I'm one who does), glitter can be dangerous if it flakes off.
Card size - Cards should be 4.5" x 5.5"
No Store bought cards (I'm sure I didn't need to include this as we're card makers, but just a little FYI)
Quality over Quantity - 1 card or 100 cards, they are all appreciated.
Stamp or Write "Operation Write Home" on the back of your card
Be sure to check out all the details of OWH so your amazing creations can make a child or spouse smile when they receive it from a loved one who is far from home keeping the world safe! Once your cards are finished just send them off to a shipper near you. The shipper addresses can be found here.

We want to see your birthday cards - we'd love to have you use Shelly's Images, but any image will do.
Leave a comment in this post with a link to your creations.
Next Friday, we'll take ALL the entries and pick one winner to win an image of their choice from Shelly's Images. It's a win-win for everyone!!
We can't wait to see what you create to send to our War Heros!!


  1. For your challenge:

  2. My B-day card is here for OWH. Thanks for supporting OWH!

  3. Fabulous cards ladies! Thanks so much for joining us in this wonderful challenge!!

  4. Fab challenge ladies
    getting cheesed off can't get my linky thing to work have left you this instead
    hugs shell xx

  5. Here's mine!

  6. Here's my card

  7. I can't believe there are so few entries here! Oh well. I've made yet another card for OWH right here

  8. Here is my card for OWH challenge