Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to make your nestabilitie longer for your picture

Hi ladies,
Today it's my turn to place a workshop on the blog.
And I am going to show you how you can make your nestabilitie longer.
Some pictures are small and your nestabilitie is sometimes small enough, but not long enough.

I use this digi to show it to you, and will
make this picture one sculp longer.
This is the nestabilitie I need.

Place the nestabilitie a little bit further above the flower then you see on my first picture.
And use some tape to hold it on the right place.
On the other end you have to place a piece of thick cardstock.
Then use your cuttlebug, go halfway (you can't go further, because the cardstock) and then back.

Then it looks like this.

Cut away the paper you don't need..

Place the nestabilitie a bit lower then the first time, I did one sculp, but it can also be three 
sculps as well.
Just what you need for your picture.

Use tape to hold it on his place.
And place your cardstock on the top of the flower.
Run it halfway through your cuttlebug and back.
You can't go further because of your cardstock between it.

As you can see one sculp longer.
This does not work for every nestabilitie.
But it is perfectly for rectangles, hearts in rectangles, sculps and many things more.
You just have to take a good look at your nestabilitie to see if it works.
This is my card with the digi.

I hope you like the workshop and have a nice day.
Hugs Marianne


  1. FABULOUS tutorial Marianne and BEAUTIFUL creation ... LOVE IT!

  2. Amazing tutorial Marianne. Thank you for showing the steps so clearly with great pictures. I run into this problem all the time and I know I will refer to this tutorial often.

  3. Wow that's amazing thank you for sharing this x

  4. Prachtige kaart, Marianne. super ingekleurd!!!

  5. Great tutorial Marianne!

    hugs Amanda