Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday Chuckle....and a little REMINDER!

Ever have one of those days?
Well, that's how I kicked off my week this past Monday so I thought I'd share my not so glorious moment with you - you may be able to relate and if not, hopefully you'll have a chuckle at which point you'll say to yourself - "Man, Really Sucks to be You!"  :)

So, SUMMER has arrived here in Michigan beginning this weekend (Spring has completely avoided making an appearance)  The HOT HOT & HOT began on Saturday (85*), Sunday, 87* and today I saw 93* on the thermometer - with no end in sight this week. Hubby and I have been refusing to turn on the Air Conditioning until at least June - you know when Summer REALLY starts.....
(as in 11 days from now.....uh, yah).
Why do I tell you all this boring weather information about SP-UMMER in Michigan - because you'll need to know this as the story progresses.  :)  Really - there is a method to my madness.....unfortunately we sometimes take the Scenic Route to the Final Destination.....

So, NO AC when we went to bed last night - hubster kicked his share of all covers to my side of the bed all night, leaving me in a puddle of SWEAT all-night.

Got up this morning, SWEATING
Got into the shower this morning, SWEATING
Got OUT of the shower this morning, SWEATING
Stood infront of the fan this morning, SWEATING
Got Dressed this morning, SWEATING
TRIED to curl my hair this morning, SWEATING 
(Are you noticing a trend here?)
Got into car and finally got some AIR - with my LOST CAUSE - REALLY BAD HAIR DAY flowing in the breeze.
Left Sunroof cracked when I stop at our first office - Rain that was supposed to come between 3 - 5 pm, showed up at 9 am.  Seat was a bit wet when I got back into the car adding to the WET/SWEATING/REALLY BAD HAIR/EXTRA HUMIDITY kind of day...
Got back in car with REALLY BAD HAIR DAY and EXTRA HUMIDITY and headed to main office.
(Are you noticing another trend here?)
Got to main office - temperature is 85* and MORE HUMIDITY than when I GOT INTO the car 30 minutes earlier, with laptop bag, water bottle, iced tea, my 'luggage' style purse & 20 pound bag full of current magazines (I work for a magazine publisher).
At least I got a CLOSE parking spot......Thank GOD for small favors!
JUGGLED my load while trying to dig access badge out of said luggage.
Spilled iced tea briefly onto pants and into one sandal.
FOUND access badge
SHOVED my way through TOO SMALL full body turn-styles they just installed with above mentioned luggage and 'weight-lifting' materials.

Okay, so HERE'S where it gets good...if you can believe it at this point...
and it's only 12:05 pm.

So, I've NEVER been stuck in an elevator....that is, until this past Monday (NOTE TO SELF - NEVER SAY NEVER!!!) - on one of the hottest days of the year so far in Michigan, during Monday lunch rush, at an elevator with NO Air Conditioning....for 40+ minutes....with 4 other people....while we waited for the elevator repair man to arrive and pry open the doors to let us out.....

Did I mention it was 85* when I got into the elevator and that there was NO Air Conditioning?
Uh, Yah.....
But our release from our little 8x8 sweat box didn't end the REALLY BAD HAIR DAY - SWEAT-fest drama......
There was NO WAY I was getting back into another little 8'x8' sweat box, so what did I get to do??
CLIMB 10 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS, with 20 pounds of magazines, a laptop/bag, 'luggage' size purse, WET PANTS and WET, Squeaky Sandals, SWEATING my brains out!

I have NEVER been so happy to get to my desk as I was on Monday!

Yep, that's one thing I can check off my Bucket List - Get stuck in Elevator when it's hotter than H-E-Double hockey Sticks - Yep, been there, done that, no need for a T-Shirt!

NOTE TO SELF:  Taking stairs for rest of life.....You CAN'T get STUCK 'IN' Stairs! 

Best part of the day - coming home to my hubby who decided at 93* today, we needed to turn on the Air Conditioning, EVEN if it was before June!  
{Insert Laugh Track HERE}

.....Okay, so back to our regularly scheduled programming.....
Have you played along with us yet this week for our 
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If not, WE WANT YOU to come play with us (Elevator Ride NOT Included). :)
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Happy Craftin' and Careful Stair Climbing!


  1. I have to say if that was me I would have gotten off the elevator and gone home. Forget it and try again tomorrow. I live in West MI and know the weather drama you speak of. Where do you live?

  2. So sorry Shelly but I am rolling on the floor with laughter!!!! Not AT you of course, but you paint such a realistic picture, that it sounds like something I could be watching on "Funny People"! Glad you survived it and got to switch on that aircon LOL! Just because you gave me such a good laugh, have sent you our 'bad hair day image' in an email!!! Now you can make a card of your day.
    Owner: Digistamps4Joy

  3. Whoa, you have had a lifetime of events in one morning. I am so glad someone decided the temperature and not the date should rule when the AC goes on.
    Given the number of Michigan people I've met in Florida I should have know that the weather there can be miserable. I hope your week starts getting better.

  4. aw bless ya!! what a day you had, but you have given me a wonderful laugh this morning on reading this post!! thank you for that. Been from England we don't have days of heat like that, bad days yeah I suppose. Hope your week got better and thank goodness hubby switched on the AC. x carol