Sunday, December 9, 2012

On the 9th Day of Christmas

Today it is my turn you show you something during this fun 12 days of Christmas. I've made a tutorial for you of a book card.
You need:
- cardstock
- design paper
- scoring board
- border punch
- ribbon
For the book inside you need 4 pieces of cardstock. 2 of 24x12 cm (9.46x4.93 inch) and 2 of 24x14,5 cm (9.46x5.71 inch).

 For the card you need a piece of cardstock of 15x29,4 cm (5.91x11.58 inch).
Score at 13,7 and 15,7 cm (5.4 and 6.19 inch).

Score the 4 pieces of cardstock at every 2 cm (0.79 inch). Make a decorative edge at the end of every strip with a border punch.
Fold the strips like an accordion. Make sure that every fold is straight!

If you want you can ink the edges.
  Now comes the hard part. That is putting it together.

Stick a short strip and a long strip together. Make sure that the long strip is on top.

Glue the short side on top and then the long side.

Also glue the back side together.

Do this with the other 2 strips and then put the 2 parts together so you get a frame.

Before you put the in the card you glue the ribbon on the insides of the card.

Now you decorate the inside of the card with design paper and glue the frame in the card.

Now just decorate the bookcard and you're finished.

Today with our tutorial we are also giving you this set of "To: From" sentiments.  These sentiments will be available for download from now through December 12th.  Remember...sharing freebies is not allowed, but please do send your friends to our blog to get their freebies.
Sorry...our Freebie Event has expired

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  If you are downloading our freebie or using the tutorial please leave us a little comment.  We love hearing from you.

Hugs Miranda


  1. Hij is helemaal te gek Miranda.
    Mooi uitgelegd.
    Liefs, Marianne

  2. WOW this is fabulous Miranda! I can't wait to give it a try! Great step by step tutorial ... thanks so much!

  3. Wow this is so pretty. Lovely tutorial!!!



  4. Love, Love, Love this tutorial, what a clever person you are to come up with something like this! I absolutely love it! May I ask what would be the best weight of cardstock for this?
    Michaela xx

    1. Thanks. I use thick cardstock. About 200 gr. I think. If it is not thick enough it's not going to be this nice and ferm.

    2. Thank you very much for you reply and this crucial piece of info, Miranda. Very much appreciated and even more when I decide to make something like this one day. Truly inspirational!
      Michaela xx

  5. Michaela, I haven't made one of these myself (although I definitely plan to)...and maybe Miranda will have a different answer. But my guess would be that a paper in the 65 pound range would be good. With all of the scoring and folding I think anything heavier wouldn't fold so cleanly. Hope this helps. :)

    1. Thank you for your reply,Shelly. You are a star! I think I am going to experiment with different thickness of the cardstock to get the feel of it and have in mind if I decide to put something more heavier inside to increase the weight of the cardstock.
      Michaela xx

  6. That's interesting Shelly ... I was thinking more along the lines of 80# paper ... afraid that 65# would be too thin to handle the weight of the tea lights. Now I'm REALLY ANXIOUS to see what Miranda's directions are on this topic.

  7. My answer is under Michaela her question;) I use 200 gr. cardstock. Don't know how much that is in American weight, but it is rather thick. You won't get those nice fold if it is too thin.

  8. Love it! Thanks so much! Hugs, Robin

  9. Clever idea that book card - thanks for sharing -Shelly thanks for the freebie too! Enjoy your week everyone!