Monday, December 3, 2012

On the 3rd Day of Christmas ...

We all wrote a letter to SANTA!

That's right!  It's time to let Santa know what's on your Christmas Crafty Wish List.  SO ... why not join us here at Shelly's Images and  

  • All you have to do is go to the comment section of this post and tell Santa what is on your Crafty Wish List for Christmas morning.
  • We're hoping for FUN & CREATIVE letters so remember to be 'creative' and have fun when writing your crafty letter to Santa!
  • In your letter be sure to list your 3 favorite Shelly's Images digi images.
You say you need a little inspiration!
SURE!  No problem, I'll go first to help get you started!

Dear Santa,
I've been a very good girl this year and would really like to have one of those Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter thingies, a new sewing machine to use just for my cards . . . mine is 40+years old :( and it's tired!  OH and Copics ... I've been told I "really need them"!  And lastly I would love to have some Shelly's Images digi images to color & create with! My favorites are "Angelic", "One Last Stop (Full Color Version)", and "Feathered Friend"
Thanks Santa ... I promise to continue to be good! 
(fingers crossed behind my back ... teehee)

OKAY, now it's your turn!
The design team will read all of the fabulous letters you write and one lucky winner will be chosen by the team to win not one but THREE of Shelly's Images (that's why it's important for you to list at least 3 of your favorites in your letter). 

You're already here ... just jump down to the comment section and tell Santa all of your crafty hopes & dreams for Christmas morning!

Oh I can't wait to see what you write (might even give me some ideas for my letter to Santa!).  Have fun!

Shelly's Images Elf in Training!


  1. Dear Santa -
    Thank you for sending me to Shelly's image to write my letter to you. She has a ton of wonderful images to color and I found three items (well I found more but I don't want to be a hog Santa), I would like under the tree this year:
    1. Duck Pond
    2. Good Ole Days 2
    3. Christmas Cardinal
    Of course, you can bring me more of her images if you like. Also, I would like a huge crafting box full of papers, Spectrum markers, and the refills for the markers, and tons of assorted embellishments - you choose Santa, because you know exactly what I like since you know when I am sleeping and when I am crafting too! Thanks for stopping by on Dec 24th - I will leave out the cookies and milk just like I do each year and I have some special treats for the Reindeer too - it is a secret! Enjoy your flight and for goodness sake be safe! HO, Ho, Ho! ~ Gail

  2. Dear Santa,
    I know it has been a long time since I last wrote you, But I really would love it if you brought me some wonderful Crafting items. It would mean more to me than anything else I could get. I would really love to get the e-bosser. It would make embossing things so much easier when my arthritis acts up. I do so love making my cards special to give to others. I would also love Nate's ABC's Cricut cartridge. It has so many cute items on it. I could use it for cards and scrap booking.I could always use some more pearls and gems to add sparkle to my cards. Santa, please be patient with me. There are 3 more things i would love to get. You can get all 3 at Shelly's images. I would so love to have Sleigh Ride, Butterfly Set, and Beach Path digis. They are beautiful and so fun to color with copics. Thank you so much dear Santa. You are the best in the world. Love, Edwina Brown

  3. Dear Santa,
    I know you are really busy this year but I only need you to stop by for a couple of minutes. I promise there will be yummy cookies, milk and a comfy chair to rest in a bit. On the top of my list this year are images from Shelly's: "Jingle bells", "Pine" and "Christmas Cardinal" and if you have a little more room in that sleigh I would love a Cricut machine. Thank you for being such a dear jolly old sole, I love you to pieces and say hi to the Missus, Elves and those playful little reindeer.

    Forever on your nice list (I hope)

  4. O my my Santa,
    It so nice to write you this year
    I have been a very good girl this year ,and hope that I will have a lot of craft thing so I can make more pretty card they are so much fun to do
    I will be sending you one and you will see how they are made
    but to make these cards i need alot of image and copic pen to color them and some very pretty cardstock
    and do need some spillbender that help alot to shape the image ,and now my cuttlebug is geting use and would like to have a new one maybe a big one, and alot of shelly;s
    images that be nice
    ok so I will leave you cookies and milk out just for you and your card Pretty Please do not leave me out this year
    Big Hugs to you if I do not see you

  5. Dear Santa,
    I hope almost being good counts, I will real try to do better for the rest of the month. The Christmas music every will help. ( I hope) I would love to have another Christmas thingy for my slice, a big chop and a couple of these figure 8 punches. Maybe just the figure 8 punch, senses I have only almost been good. Could you stick a couple of Shelly digi in my stocking if I am good the rest of the month.? How about Noel, Signs of spring, and How about the Making a list sentiment ( maybe a could bribe Santa with that).
    Trying real hard have a save trip this year.

    Hugs, Sharon

  6. Dear Santa,

    This year runs so soon..i started learning crafts, i would be happy if u bring me some quilling items and embossing kits also i love shellys digi images one last stop, Santa full color version & jingle bells.. planning for quilled christmas decor which u will really enjoy.. Waiting for the gifts santaaaaaaaaa :)

  7. These letters to Santa were awesome! Thanks very much to everyone for writing such fun letters. Please join us again next year for our 4th Annual 12 Days of Christmas.