Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On the 5th Day of Christmas

Hi ladies,
Today is the 5th day of 12 Days of Christmas, and it's my turn to make something.
I have made a candybox with two digi's from Shelly.
The candy cane and the Christmas bear.

The picture below is showing you how to make the box.

For the lid I used a doily about 4 inches, fold it in half and stick half a doily on the back of the box.
Make two holes in the front of the box and the doily and tie a bow in it.
Now you can close your box.

On the third picture you can see the Santa Claus digi I have made.
I have made 5 digi's for you, and if you like them, you can download the digi's on my blog.

I hope you like the candy box and digi's, have fun with them.



  1. Thank you for the great bos turtioal, I will be trying to makw this later today.

  2. What a great tutorial on making a wonderful box - thank you so much - enjoy your day! Gail