Sunday, December 12, 2010

On the 12th Day of Christmas

I hope you have enjoyed our 12 Days of Christmas event.  I have had so much fun teaching you a few new things.  A special thanks to Marion, Min, Scrappy, and Sammi for their hard work to bring together this event.

We are going to wrap up the event talking about traditions.  I don't know about your family, but my family LOVES traditions.  

Tell us about your family traditions.  They could be favorite childhood traditions or they could be traditions that are still going strong.  Remember that we will pick one random comment from this post to win a free image.  

In our house one of the absolute favorite traditions is our Christmas Eve pajamas.  This tradition started out of necessity when the kids were little.  They would wake up on Christmas morning wearing t-shirts or mismatched pajama tops and bottoms.  So I decided that every Christmas Eve the kids would get new pajamas.  My oldest daughter is now 20 but she still looks forward to getting her new pajamas.  Everyone gets their special package on Christmas Eve and then we run and change to our new pajamas.  Then we sit around the tree and take pictures and we enjoy a cup of homemade hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows.  I think I love Christmas Eve even more than Christmas morning!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve last year.

Ok....your turn.

And, from myself and my wonderful Design Team, we wish you and your family


  1. What a great tradition Shelly!
    When we were growing up that's when we had our traditions. All I can remember is that either me or my sister Pattie went first to open up their presents. We always did the tradition of leaving cookies for Santa, and they were gone when we woke up.
    I still believed in Santa until I was 12! I can remember being made fun of because my classmates told me that there really wasn't a Santa, and that my parents left the presents under the tree. I was crushed!!
    We don't have any kids, so traditions are no longer part of our Christmas, yes it's sad, but that's life for us. When you get to be my age, you'll understand (maybe).

  2. Sandi....thanks so much for sharing. I have little traditions with just Jeff and I. One of them is that I hide a small gift in my bedside table. I give it to Jeff on Christmas morning and he opens it there in bed. Kind of a quiet moment with just him and I before the chaos begins.

  3. Beautiful story Sandi thanks for sharing it with us. When my children were little they were given a small amount of money for each person that would be having Christmas Dinner with us and they would go and purchase presents for them and wrap them up for the Dinner table. I have carried this tradition on even though they are grown up as we still have Christmas Dinner at my house and everyone gets a small gift at the table. We have our Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve as both the girls have partners and they are then free to visit their respective partners' parents on Chtristmas Day and then it's back to my house for Boxing Day

  4. What a WONDERFUL tradition! The kids always have a hard time sitting through dinner because there are no presents. This is a great way to make the dinner as festive as the present opening!

  5. Our biggest tradition were to put some cookies and milk out for Santa, my son used to love that, even after he found out we did it, he still played
    He is not married yet, so we are saving it till there is some grandchildren, and start having that much fun again...........:)))

  6. A little familyperformance for Santa how wonderful Theresa, and now you've to wait for the grandchilderen to continue your familytradition.

  7. Thanks for joining in everyone. Our random comment is #5 - Theresa. Congratulations Theresa.

  8. Terrific Traditions - Our family traditions growing up were always reading "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve, new Jammies for Christmas Eve, making holiday goodies (cookie and chocolates) and always spending time with family.
    Now as a 30 somethin' adult, I still look forward to the new PJ bottoms (picked them up for mom, dad, hubby and myself this year), Christmas goodies and all the special time we get to spend with our family.
    Hugs & Happy Days!