Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the 11th Day of Christmas

I love to decorate my house for Christmas. And I really love making everything super special for my family. This project is perfect in both of those categories.

Today I am going to show you how to make a pie box. And I am going to show you how I transformed these cute little boxes into a wreath. These boxes are perfect as a party favor for your friends and family.

For this project you will need:
8 Sheets of 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock for pie boxes (I used cream cardstock from Hobby Lobby)
Paper for printing your images
Pine and Holly images from Shelly's Images
Pie Box Template or Pie Box Cut File for Make the Cut and Cricut
Liquid Adhesive (I like Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive)
Glue Dots and Foam Dots
Embellishments (I used Glossy Accents, Diamond Dust, gold ribbon, fabric flowers, and brad accent)
Scoring Tool (optional)

Begin by printing your template onto your cardstock. Or use your Cricut to cut out the box.

Next score along all of the score marks on the template or cut. *Tip* Ever get frustrated because it is difficult to line up some of the inner scores on your projects? Use a ruler to line up the score marks making sure that the ruler extends past the edge of your project. Now line the ruler edge up with the line on your scoring tool. Perfect scoring every time. ;)

Fold carefully along each of the score lines and then unfold.

Now we are ready to glue our box together. You can really do this a few different ways. I chose to glue the flaps to the inside of my box. So fold your box to get an idea of how it is going together and then add your glue.

This picture just shows the flap glued to the inside of my box.

Repeat for the other side of the box. This is really where the liquid adhesive comes in handy. The liquid adhesive gives you just a few seconds to adjust your box so that the position is right.

Here you can see both flaps glued inside of the box.

Fold in the flaps on both sides of the opening and then close the box.

Repeat these steps until you have 8 assembled boxes.

These boxes also line up nicely like this. Keep in mind that you will decorate the boxes differently if you choose to do the line of boxes rather than the wreath.

Now we are ready to color our Holly and Pine images. I made one pine, one holly and branch, and one additional pine branch in a slightly different size for each of my pie boxes.

Now embellish your images if you like. There are many different options, but I chose to use Glossy Accents and Diamond Dust. I added Glossy Accents with Diamond Dust to the tips of the pine cone and to the pine branches. *Tip* When adding glitter, embossing powder, or diamond dust, I sprinkle over a magazine page that I have folded in half. The magazine pages are slick and don't have alot of static build up. So any left overs will slide right down the fold in the middle of the magazine page and right back into my container.

And I added Glossy Accents alone to the light areas of the holly leaves. Since holly leaves are naturally shiney this looks really pretty.

Now begin to add your images to each box. I found it easiest to build the wreath a box at a time. I used foam dots in some places to give the wreath some dimension.

Place the second box beside the first box to begin to decorate it. Layer the images so that the wreath looks like one continuous shape. I chose not to glue my individual boxes together because I want my guests to be able to pull one box out.

Continue adding images and layering until you have your completed wreath. I chose to lay ribbon over my wreath. I didn't attach it because,again, I want guests to be able to pull out a box to take home with them. The bow for my wreath is also just sitting on top of the wreath.

I added a little fabric flower and brad embellishment to the center just to finish the wreath.

I hope you will give this fun project a try. And as always please be sure to share your projects with us. We love to see what you create.


  1. This is gorgeous project that can be used for any time of the year. Thanks to everyone for this project

  2. you make it look sooooooo easy! it's gorgeous! i can only dream each box is filled with a delicious slice of pie! oooooo yum!

    hugs :)

  3. Много,много идейно,прекрасно творение!!!Благодаря за споделянето!

  4. Fab tutorial, Shelly! The wreath is beautiful!

  5. That looks stunning, a lot of work went into that, so i am sure they will appreciate them all...:))

  6. WOW what a fabulous project!!! Now I am hungry for pie. 8-)

  7. Fantastic! The tutorial looks easy to follow, thanks!

  8. Wow! This is fabulous. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks for sharing. Saw a "cake" made with these wedges long ago and couldn't find a template. Your wreath looks just beautiful. Warm wishes.

  10. A ton of work you put into this one!! Super creation!
    ☺ Sandi

  11. Shelly, this turned out just FABULOUS!!! Adorable! Terrific work!
    Hugs & Happy Days