Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Announcement of winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 12 Days of Christmas event.

I had such fun and hope you did too.  And hopefully this will be a yearly tradition at Shelly's Images Blog.

Here is a list of our winners.  

1st Day of Christmas - Shelly
2nd Day of Christmas -  Ursula
3rd Day of Christmas - Free Template for Everyone
4th Day of Christmas - Pauline
5th Day of Christmas - Phyllis
6th Day of Christmas - Brook (email me your address so I can send you the Christmas Shopping Planner.  Or....if you would rather....choose 3 free images from the store)
7th Day of Christmas - Sandi
8th Day of Christmas - Tutorial for Everyone
9th Day of Christmas - Linda
10th Day of Christmas - Tutorial for Everyone
11th Day of Christmas - Free Templates and files for everyone
12th Day of Christmas - Theresa

Our winners can go to and choose their favorite image from the store. Email me at shelly@shellysimages to let me know which image you chose.  I will email your image to you as soon as possible.  Brook won our Christmas Shopping Planner.  So she can either email me her address...or choose three of her favorite images from the store.

Congratulations everyone!


  1. Well congratulations to all the winners. I was over the moon to be chesen as a winner on day 2. Thank you so much for all the inspiration and ideas. It was fun to take part.

  2. It was a fun 12 days with lots and lots of great ideas...thank you!!!

  3. Wow, thanks Shelly! Congrats to all winners!

  4. Congrats to all the winners !! Thanks Shelly for a really fun and informative 12 days , loved it !! Thanks for the win on the 12th day.........:))