Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8th Day of Christmas

8th Days of Christmas!

Now how fast is the time going by! And Christmas is coming closer and closer!
I am busy here with decorating the house now. And I have so much fun with all the great tutorials Shelly and her Team have put together. 
This year my house is decorated with selfmade projects and this makes that this year will be extra special!

So I thought I would share this idea with you all.
I love to burn candle's all over the house. Especially the little cupholderlights.
So this year I all dress them up!

I made this Lumaire for you girls as example.

- First I messured the size of the glass holder on top and at the bottom.
hen I printed out the beautiful Holly and colored her. And the berry's I used Sparkly Stickles and let them dry.
- I used sparkly red cardstock from my stash and cut that according to the size of the glass holder. 

- Then I took a Martha Stewart punch with holes in it and punched the bottom of the paper.
- I choose a little ribbon and waved it true the holes
- I taped and glued the paper together around the glas holder.
- I made the bow.
- Once the Stickles were dry I added the Holly on the paper just above the bow.
Attention: Make sure nothing sticks out above the glas edge. This in case of the ope fire.
to be honest I use electric little candles when I use these paper ornaments!

I hope you like this one and make them for you home. Oh and before I forget, you also can use the Pine image from Shelly!
I can't wait to see what you girls make! Hope you let us know in the comments below!
Thanks and see you soon!


  1. This is so pretty Marion! I need to make a bunch of these to decorate the mantle. :)

  2. I love your creation Marion, so pretty done, have to do some decoration too.

    Hugs Amanda

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhh Marion, this is gorgeous! I love it so much!

  4. This is very festive and I bet it is beautiful when it is burning!!

  5. Wow sure come up with some wonderful ideas!

  6. Great idea Marion just hope I have the time to make some - Pauline L

  7. This is great! What did you use to color your Holly? It's blended so nicely!

  8. martha stewart could definitely learn from you!!! absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Love this, really bring in the festive cheer , nice..........:))