Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

Let's alter a mug.

Supplies Needed:  Mug to alter, desired papers, adhesive, embellishments, image

Step 1:  Remove the insert from the mug and trace on the back of paper.  Cut out the template.

Step 2:  Embellish paper as desired.  I added Shelly's great image, "Goal!".  Please keep in mind that you don't want the insert to be so thick that it won't bend. 

 Step 3:  Insert your new paper in the mug.  Put the mug back together.  Your mug is now ready to use.  Enjoy!!!!


  1. So cute Stephanie! And I love the lettering around the cup. That is fantastic. What a great gift for kids to make for Father's Day. Thanks so much for showing us this awesome tutorial.

  2. Fabulous tutorial, Stephanie! Love it!