Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Technique Tuesday at Shelly's Images

Good Morning everyone! Hope you are ready for another of our fun tutorials here for Technique Tuesday at Shelly's Images! This week I decided to share a few fun things you can do with your kids - esp. since many of them will be out - or *already are* out of school for the Summer! My 5 year old daughter is homeschooled, but was still super excited to get to 'help' make embellies  to use on our cards!

We have 3 different embellies to share with you - mostly because when we see things premade at the store we have an 'I can do that' attitude! I hope you like what you see!

Embellie #1 Button-topped Flowerets:

After seeing the above Offray decorative bows at Walmart, we decided we could make some nice ones for Labor Day, the Fourth of July, and Memorial day projects!

Supply List:
Ribbon Scraps or thin ribbon(s) in your desired color(s)
Coordinating Buttons
LOW TEMP GLUE GUN (PERFECT to avoid burning little fingers...and clumsy adults too! :-p)
Low Temp Glue Sticks
Optional: Scrap paper to protect work surface

Step 1: Fold Ribbon as shown and adhere loop with a dab of glue.

Step 2: Continue folding ribbon loops and adhering with glue in between each loop.

Since the glue is low temp, it won't burn your fingers, but will still give a slightly flexible hold. Make as many loops as you feel like before finishing with your coordinating buttons.

Voila! You have a beautiful embellie to use whenever you wish!

Embellie #2 Glittered Diecut Shapes:

We found a package of glittery diecuts by Making Memories at Michaels Arts and Crafts and were shocked at the price! We knew we could easily make them too! We were happy to make our own - and for alot less money!

Supply List:
Cardstock Scraps
Whatever punches, Nesties, or whatever diecutters you wanna use
Glitter or embossing powder
Spray Adhesive (We used Elmers Craft and Bond)
Optional : Scrap paper to protect your surfaces, a box to prevent your glitter from making a HUGE mess!

Step 1: Punch or diecut your shapes from your scrap cardstock

Step 2: Lightly spray your adhesive over your diecuts/punchouts. I strongly advise you to do this outside or in a well ventilated space! I also strongly advise you to cover your work surface first!

Step 3: Sprinkle a light coating of glitter or embossing powder atop the diecuts/punchouts. I put my spray glued pieces into a boxtop first and then had my daughter sprinkle embossing powder atop them. This way all the excess embossing powder could be poured back into my container to use at a later time!

Step 4: Let Dry - or if you used Embossing Powder - Apply your heat gun to dry and seal them!

Again -  you have more Embellies to use whenever you wish!

Embellie #3 Stickpins:

My daughter had been stalking and begging me to let her make these ever since Shelly and my Design Team buddy Sammi started chatting about these and got me hooked! However, since she is only FIVE YEARS OLD, I'd been hesitant to let her handle the sharp stickpins and spendy glass beads. However, we saw them at Archivers and ACMoore at pretty high prices, and we became convinced they could be made cheaper and safer for little fingers to boot!

Supply List:
Kids cheap plastic beads
Dritz Quilters Pins (CAREFUL!! THESE ARE SHARP!!)
Cheap-o craft glue (Although my daughter used my Glossy Effects instead and it dried beautifully!

Step 1: Collect the pony or craft beads you want to use.
Step 2: Put a larger dab of glue ON TOP of the ball on the end of your stickpin.

Step 3: Put your bead on the pin & pull it until the ball end is a bit more than halfway through your bead.

Set aside to dry. (Tip: Put an unglued bead at the other end of the pin while it dries so it dries centered.)

Step 4: Once the top bead is dry, Add your other beads, glueing between each addition. Let dry!
TIP: Stab finished pins into styrofoam and hang them UPSIDE DOWN. This way the glue dries INSIDE the bead and not down the pin shaft! (This tip is from my 5 year old daughter! I didn't know what she was talking about until she showed me! lol!)

There you have it - MORE embellies to have on hand for whenever you need them!

What a great way to keep both of us crafting and out of trouble! A special thanks to my daughter, Annabella, for her help and for teaching me a thing or two in the process! We hope you like our embellies!


  1. Awesome tutorial Scrappy! I was always looking for things like this to do with my kids when they were younger. So much fun!

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