Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Goodmorning to you all! As you might know I really love folded cards. So that's what I like to show to you. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

At this photo I show you a template of how the card is made, I used a piece of cardstock 15 x 30 cm or 6 x 12 inch. You cut and score the lines as shown. If you click on the picture it will be increased

Here you can see how the card turns out after you have folded it.

After making the card, you can use your own imagination to dress it up. Cause yesterday the Pekingese was in the spotlight, I thougt it was nice to use the same papers and the same image. The advantage of digi's is, that you can adjust the size, so for this card I made it a little bit smaller.

Here you can see it from the side. I give you a little bonus, when you put a lot of designpapers on your card, it will be loaded and to avoid collapsing I put a little stroke of paper on the inside of the card, attach it to the front and the back with some glue or tape.

Well I hope you like it, I wish you all good luck trying it out!


  1. Incredible tutorial Amanda! I haven't ever used this particular stair step fold and I LOVE it! And thanks for the little tip too on keeping the card from sliding down flat. I often use a piece of ribbon to accomplish the same thing.

  2. Wow Amanda, this is just FABULOUS! Just love the look of this! Terrific tutorial!! =)
    Hugs & Happy Days! ~Min

  3. Oh I love this look for a card! Great job Amanda!

  4. Great tutorial Amanda! I can't wait to try it.

  5. Great tutorial Amanda, going to definitely have to try this one!!

  6. Great tutorial Amanda will be having a go this weekend - Pauline L