Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Treat Bag Tuesday Tutorial

Whew....it seems like forever since I have been in my studio to craft. I have been spending so much time on new images but felt like it was time to just create a few projects. Today I want to show you how to make a cute cover for the plain cellophane treat bags. I am making 20 of these for Taylor to take to school and another 40 for teacher appreciation treats at my school. I should be able to make these in my sleep soon. :)
For this project you will need...
Scoring Tool...optional
Edge Punch...optional
Hole punch or Big Bite Tool
Patterned Paper - I used "Crazy Creepy Icons" from
the Paper Studio
Solid coordinating cardstock - I used Bazzill African Violet
Terrifically Tacky Tape - or other double sided tape
flat cello treat bag - mine are 3 3/4 by 6 inches
First - cut your papers to size. The patterned paper is cut to 4 1/2 by 12 inches. The solid cardstock is cut to 4 1/2 by 1 1/8 inches.
Then - Use your score tool to score at 5, 5 1/2, 6, and 11 inches. If you don't have a score tool you can just measure lines at each of these measurements and fold at your lines.
Now turn your patterned paper wrong side up. Fold the middle score (the 5 1/2 inch score) to create a "mountain" fold.
Fold the other two score lines (the 5 and 6 inch scores) so that they are each a "valley" fold.
Now fold the bottom edge up to meet the 11 inch score line. And fold down the flap that will be the top of your treat bag. The flap is created at the 11 inch score line.
Use a decorative punch to punch the edge closest to the 11 inch score line.
Apply adhesive to the unpunched area above the 11 inch score line. Adhesive should be on the wrong side of your patterned paper.
Attach the solid cardstock by lining it up with the 11 inch score line.
Apply a strip of Terrifically Tacky Tape or double sided tape just under the 11 inch score line.
Now attach your cello bag to the treat bag cover. Be sure to line the bottom of the cello bag up with the bottom of your treat bag cover.
For the next step fold the cello bag down and fold the front of the cover up.
Now fold the flap down to close the cover.
Use a hole punch tool to punch two holes through the top of the treat bag cover.
Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie in a pretty bow to hold your bag together.

Ok...I know...you might be saying "sheesh Shelly....your patterned paper is upside down". Darn it! I really thought this through when I was scoring and still it didn't turn out exactly how I pictured it. Don't you hate when that happens? I decided to leave it this way because......
It looks right on the back. :) And the front will be mostly covered in the next step.
But I am not going to show you the next step yet. You will have to come back on Friday to see how I am finishing my treat bags. Yep...Friday is Fabulous Freebie Friday this week. And I am going to give you the image that I used on my treat bags. I am even going to give you a colored version of the image. Just in case your life has been as hectic as mine has been lately and you need a few shortcuts to get everything done.
No begging....you have to wait until Friday. ;)


  1. Great tutorial love the treat bag cover and can't wait for Friday to see the freebie - Pauline L

  2. What a great tut! Thanks for all the pictures too to help those of us who need to "see" visually what you are saying.

  3. Fantastic tutorial! I love it!

  4. Awesome tutorial!! What will the Friday Freebie be?! Hmmmmmm??? :D

  5. oh I'll be back, you've peaked my curiosity now! I scrolled to see the finished piece first, it gives me a better idea on following the steps to achieve the final bag. Great tutorial, well done Shelly!
    Oh, I get it, Friday will be a freebie image to put on the front of the bag, duh!

  6. Great idea, never thought of it. Looking forward to seeing what Friday brings!