Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Glittered Glue Snowflakes

While I’m not quite ready for cold weather and the S-word (SNOW), there’s nothing wrong with a little planning ahead for some neat homemade ‘winter’ embellishments.
So, what are we making today?  Well Glittery Snowflakes made from Glue and Glitter.  =)
Now, anyone who knows me knows, my idea of playing with glitter is using STICKLES!!  No mess is a big deal in my house – my long haired over-fed furbaby Gizmo tends to park his portly little fluffy body on my studio table on a pretty regular basis.  See below -
So, for me to get the 'REAL’ glitter out is a big deal!
What you’ll need – it’s pretty simple – and you probably have around your studio already.
Tutorial - Glitter Glue Snowflake 1
White glue (I used Elmer’s Glue, but any white glue should work)
Glitter (I used silver glitter – pick your color)
A piece of clear Acrylic (I cut a piece off my new paper trimmer packaging).
White piece of paper with a snowflake on it (I stamped my snowflake in black ink on the white paper – Stamp was from Studio G Stamps).
Tutorial - Glitter Glue Snowflake 2
Place the acrylic sheet over the snowflake image (above)
Tutorial - Glitter Glue Snowflake 3
With your white glue, trace the snowflake on the plastic – use your judgment because with the glue, it will likely spread depending on the size of the spout. 
Tutorial - Glitter Glue Snowflake 4
I tried to take a photo of what it looked like while still on top of the stamped image.  As you can see, I didn’t trace ALL of the stamped snowflake in glue.
Tutorial - Glitter Glue Snowflake 5
Here’s a better photo – this is what it looked like when I was finished glue tracing.
Tutorial - Glitter Glue Snowflake 6
So, take your messy glitter, dump it on your white glue snowflake – carefully tap off as much excess glitter as you can, but be careful – the glue will need to dry so it doesn’t get all smudgy.  You can dust off any remaining glitter once it’s dry.
I let my snowflake dry for at least 24 hours.  I didn’t want to try & use a heating tool since the snowflake is on acrylic (which may warp and melt with heat).  I ALMOST got the heating tool out, but then rethought that thought and figured it was important enough to share with you all.  =)

Carefully peel your glittery snowflake off the acrylic sheet and add it to any project you’d like.  =)
Of course, I haven't gotten that far (using it on a project yet).

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  My apologies if you try this and your entire family has some form of glitter on them for several weeks to come.  My hubby just mentioned that I had it all over my face and the cat looked a bit ‘glittery’. 
Yep, that’s what happens when you get the real glitter out.
Hugs & Happy Days!
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  1. Oh what a clever idea ... thanks Min, I'll be giving this a try real soon!

  2. wow!! such a great idea, I'll be trying that myself too.


  3. What!?!! A new paper trimmer and you haven't shared exactly what you got yet? I love the idea of peeling the glittery snowflake off of the acrylic. I imagine it would make for a very delicate looking embellishment. I am trying to come up with my Christmas card design and may just have to use this amazing idea. :) Thanks for wonderful inspiration Min!

  4. Ooooo...my two favourites...glitter and snowflakes!! This is on my MUST DO list...thank you so much!

  5. Hi wow what a brilliant idea and a great tutorial l'm going to have to give this one a go thanks for sharing it xx

  6. I am loving Gizmo. My cat Die hard does the same thing. I have used this technique before and made butterflies using wax paper. Thanks for sharing with us and give Gizmo and scratch on the head from me.