Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday! Let's Have A Ball For Christmas!

Hello everyone! Are you ready to have a ball?! If so, then I have the tutorial for you!

Today, we are going to make a fun christmas ornament using digi images! How fun is that?
Are you ready to get started?!  Okay, let's go!

Supplies You Will Need

One clear glass (or plastic, if you prefer) Christmas ornament
Acetate Sheet
Digi Image
Fishing Line
Tiny Hole Punch
White Glitter (Optional)
Funnel (If Using Glitter

Pic Of Supplies Assembled

The first thing you want to do, is to color your image, then cut it out, using fussy cutting.  Next, cut out a piece of acetate, to fit inside your ornament.  TIP: If you want your image not to move inside the bulb, cut the acetate only slightly smaller than the bulb.  If You'd like your image to dangle and swing freely inside the bulb, cut your acetate 1/4 - 1/2" smaller than the bulb.

Once You have colored your image and cut your acetate,  adhere your image to the acetate piece.  Be sure you use a very sticky adhesive!  I used glossy accents, as I have found this works best, since you will be manipulating this piece a bit, later.  Allow image to fully dry to the acetate, before completing the next steps!

Once your image is fully dried to the acetate, take a tiny hold punch and punch a hole in the center of the acetate, near the top edge.  now, run your fishing line through the hole, and tie it off to hold the image securely onto the line, as in the pic below:

Now, carefully roll the acetate up into a tube, small enough to fit the opening in your ornament.

Gently slide the rolled up acetate into the top of the ornament.  Be very careful to make sure the ends of the fishing line do not slip down into the ornament.  You want the ends of the fishing line to stick out from the top.  (I suggest leaving the line very long, to avoid the ends slipping down into the ornament.

Once the acetate is inside the ornament, it will still be partially curled up. You will need to take a long thin object, such as tweezers or the blade of a pair of scissor, and slide down into the ornament to straighten out the sides of the acetate, so that it lays flat.

At this point, now you may add glitter to the inside of your ornament, if you choose.  I have chosen not to add glitter inside this one, so that the image can be the main focus.  However, if you choose to use glitter inside yours, simply take a funnel, slide it inside the opening of the bulb and pour glitter in.  It looks best if you put glitter both in front of, and behind, the image.

Now, we are ready to cap our ornament.  Remove the metal hanger from the ornament cap.  Run the ends of the fishing line through the holes in the ornament cap.  One end in each hole.  Once the fishing line is in, pull it all the way though and tie it off in a knot, on the outside of the cap, to secure the acetate inside.  far you pull the fishing line through, will determine how much "wiggle" ability your image has inside, so play with it and decide the look you like, before tieing the fishing line.

Easy so far, right?! Oh and wow, we are almost done!

Take the metal hanger and slide it back into the holes in the cap, so that it fits securely into the ornament.  Once the hanger is back in place, add your ribbon through the hanger, tie it off in a bow, and voila! Your have a cute customized Christmas ornament!

So cute and Simple to make and everyone will love them! 
Every year, it is a tradition to make ornaments for my coworkers, for Christmas.
Of course, I can't give them the same thing every year, so I'm always on 
The lookout for new ideas for something different.

I think they are going to love these, and I hope YOU will, too!

Thank you so much for stopping by, today, and viewing my tutorial!  
I hope you've enjoyed your stay here and I'd love to
hear what you think of the tutorial!

Please stop back, on Thursday, for a new challenge and your chance to win
a digi prize from Shelly's Images!

Have A Wonderful Day!


  1. So VERY pretty Sammi. I just LOVE this!!!! I am definitely making some of these for Christmas. Looks like a great Christmas gift too!

  2. I love this! Can't wait to try it!!!!

  3. Oh wow this is absolutely brilliant and thank you for sharing it, xx

  4. So glad you all enjoyed the tutorial! I'd love to see your creations, if you try this!