Monday, November 1, 2010


Chicken Dinner!
Happy November First! 
I know we were going to pick our "Guess How Many" contest winner yesterday, but somehow or another I got carried away by all the scariness and little goblins that came knocking yesterday!

So is the suspense killing you yet??

I can show you Halloween Photos if you don't mind a little more time killing?! 

Okay, Alright, I'll quit dragging this out!
Our Shelly's Images Halloween 'GUESS HOW MANY' winner is-
Tink with a guess of 134

Congrats Tink - email me with the 2 images of your choice from Shelly's Images Store at

There were actually 139 little pieces of Halloween Candy in that Jar....I think after last night though, it might be a few pieces lighter.  :D

Thanks to EVERYONE who played along with us for this contest. 
Stay tuned, you never know when we're going to have another one!
Happy Monday!


  1. Ooooh....Congrats Tink!

    And thanks Min for this super fun contest. I can't wait for the next one. :)