Tuesday, November 30, 2010


How many of us LOVE buttons, brads and flowers with Sparkle, but don't want to pay inflated prices to get some?!?  If you fall into that category, I have an amazingly easy way to achieve the sparkle effect without spending a mint. 

First step, find some glitter - whatever color you wish and some glue.  If I'm doing a brad or flower I usually use a really light textured glue such as JudiKins glaze.  I like Mod Podge for the heavier items, such as buttons.  Although today I used JudiKins for the buttons and it worked fine.

Ok, now once you start this process, you need to work quickly because you don't want your glue to dry and get all clumpy when you add the glitter.  So I make a pile of glue and then some piles of glitter and dip the items in the glue and then the glitter and voila!

Then, just pick out your image - mine is from SHELLY'S IMAGES SHOP and make your card.  I didn't use all that I made because I didn't love the silver on the flower, but that's ok.  Might use it for something else:)

Hope you will find this helpful:)  Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Oh...I love the sparkle on those flowers Audrey. I am definitely going to do that on a project soon!

    This is a tutorial that is right up my friend Stef's (Glitterbabe's) alley.

  2. oh you gotta know i love sparkle! any kind of sparkle! and your tutorial is fabulous - especially since i ACTUALLY learned something NEW!

    oh shelly... you definitely KNOW me - lol.

    hugs :)

  3. This is just awesome - I love the flower with the pink glitter! Great tutorial Audrey!
    Hugs & Happy Days!

  4. What a great idea Audrey will have to give it a try soon - Pauline L

  5. Love the Santa! Your sparkle is fabulous, great little trick, thanks!

  6. Wonderful tutorial Audrey, this sparkle on the buttons and flowers is just perfect, take careX:)