Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday teaser....

What will Wednesday bring today?

Well for my family and specially my son it's and exciting day today. During the day his school is going to call him and then he will know if he has graduated. 
So we are all anxious and waiting and hanging around in the house... LOL
I think that I'm more nervous then he is...
And the fun part is we have ordered a big cake already. So as soon as he get's the news we can go and pick up his special cake and start the celebrations.

Next to that I have a fun challenge planned for you tomorrow.
shall I give you a hint??? 
Well I give you the first letter of the challenge... let's see what you can make of it..

So.. what will bring this Wednesday for you? Please share your stories with us.



  1. We will all be waiting o pins and needles to see if he graduates. good luck to you all.

  2. A Graduation Wish Card?
    A Graduation With Cake?
    I'm sooooo curious... (-;
    Goodluck to your son!

  3. hmmm....Marion is being super sneaky with this challenge. :)

  4. OOH! That was a great teaser Marion! :)