Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drumroll please......

Drumroll for the winner:

Ok... ok... I'm working on it... tshee.... Girls I have to tell you this... I'm a bit late posting the winner of the last weeks challenge... But I was already on top of it and I made the draw with as Shelly tells me to hurry up with the post and that she made a draw with and got a winner..... (giggle)

Well I kept stand girls.... I wanted my number to win... but so did Shelly... So after lot's of laughter and funtalking on the chat she made a generous decision....
we have 2 winners this week.

I'm joking you all a bit.... about Shelly stiring me up. She's the best Designer there is to work with. I mean it... But I'm not joking about the 2 winners this week.
The story is true... I draw this number

And this is the number Shelly got.

Congrats to Melanie Risk and Anita M.
Please go to THE STORE and pick your image and make sure to email your image choice to

Now don't forget to go to the new and great TTT made by Audrey in the post underneath here and enter again.
Good luck to you all and thanks for playing along last week.

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  1. :)...thanks for the nice words Marion! I always say that I have the best DT around and I feel SO LUCKY.

    And it is so great to have two winners this week. Congratulations Melanie and Anita. I am on my way to your blogs to leave you a note there as well. :)