Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tutorial - Adding White Highlights

Today I have a short little video showing how I like to add white highlights to the digi images that I color.  In my video I used the digi stamp called "Peter".
For many of you this won't be a "new" idea, but hopefully some of the pointers or products I used will be helpful to you.  And for some of you it will just be a nice reminder of a little touch we often forget to add. 

I hope you enjoyed the video.  If you have any trouble clicking the video above you can see the video at this link


  1. What a great tutorial and many thanks for sharing this something that l have trouble with using my white pen it never seems to come through properly this way its brilliant x

  2. Really liked your tutorial on coloring and blending. I really like how you do your sky, looks beautiful. :D I am still practicing with my copics, so getting advice and watching tutorials always helps me.
    Thank you