Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Copic Storage

Are you still as addicted to Pinterest as I am?  
There are so many fantastic crafts, ideas, recipes, and so much inspiration.
I truly think I could browse the pins for hours!

So...the idea for this project originated at Pinterest. (I will share a blog link at the end of this post)
Basically...I wanted a storage solution for my Copic sketch markers.  But I also wanted my storage to be something that I could pack up and take with me.  

Here are the directions for how I made my copic storage box.

I got my box at Michael's for 50% Off.  LOVE a good sale!  
Be sure to take a copic marker (or at least the measurements) with you with you when you go shopping for your boxes.  There are lots of options for your storage box (as you will see in the blog link later in this post) so choose whatever you think will work best for you.  I liked the pretty decorative box I found.

 The next item you will need is an "egg crate ceiling light tile".  My husband found this one at Lowe's or Home Depot.  (you could easily make 2 or 3 copic storage boxes with one)  I measured how large the inside of the box was and then cut the ceiling tile to size.  You will need two layers for each box.  One layer of the ceiling tile will lay flat against the bottom of the box.  The second layer will be elevated to create a nice stand for the markers.

The ceiling tile cuts very easily with wire cutters.  Just lay the cutting edge flat against the spot where you want to cut. 

In order to elevate the second layer of the ceiling tile my husband had the idea to use pieces of the ceiling tile to create a "shelf".  Cut four "shelves" to look like the picture below.
 The picture below shows the shelves inserted in each corner.  The bottom of the shelf will slide down on top of the bottom ceiling tile piece.  And the top shelf will be where the top ceiling tile piece rests.  Be sure to insert these "shelves" so they only block the four corners of your ceiling tile. 
 To make it a little prettier I decided to add a little bling to the shelf that showed through each four corners.  I put some Instant Krazy Glue CRAFT on the part of the shelf that showed through the square and then added the bling.  I also used this glue to glue the top ceiling tile piece to the shelf.  You don't want the top ceiling tile piece to pull away when you are removing your copics.  While you are gluing squirt a little glue between the shelf and the box on each corner.  Again, just to be sure everything stays in place.
 All done.  My copic markers fit in the ceiling tile grate perfectly!  They are all organized so I can see exactly what I have.  And in my box there is a little space in the front where I can slide papers and projects that I am working on.  FABULOUS!  It stands nicely on one side (the lid is kind of a "kick stand") so I can use it on my desk.

What a great storage solution.  And CHEAP too.  The ceiling light tile is very inexpensive.  And the box itself was a great price on sale.  SO much less expensive than the copic marker wallets and bags.
Thanks so much to Helen for her blog post that gave me a great "starting point".  You can see her blog post here


  1. Oh Shelly, I love your storage. I have a pitiful storage container for my copics right now. One day I will have a spiffy one like yours when I get my own room. Love it. TFS...

  2. Absolutely brilliant idea Shelly x

  3. This is such a clever idea Shelly. Hmmmm ... have to see if my Spectrum Noir will fit in that ceiling tile grate ... they might be too fat. I'll check it out and post back here so others who own Spectrum Noir vs Copics will know if this project will work for them also. Keep your fingers crossed ... this is such a cool idea and I could have used one of these when I made my trip out to Indiana last week.
    You are SO CLEVER!! Thank Jeff for us too!

  4. Great idea, only in Holland we couldn't find those plastic ceiling things, so I've a wooden box with iron in it, same idea, works perfectly.

  5. What a great idea. I've been wanting something like this for awhile but haven't been able to justify the funds yet. This just might be a way to do it.

  6. What a great idea Shelly, I love it.
    Hugs, Marianne

  7. Shelly do you find that they are a tad hard to store at first but that they eventually loosen up or do they stay this way? Linda

  8. Hi Shelly! Can you share with us how your system is holding up? I wanted something the I could close and set on my desk and have never made anything like this although would like to try. Thanks in advance for responding!

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for the question. This system still works perfectly. It holds the markers really well and it is so easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

  9. This is so well explained. Thank you so much for your clear and precise tutorial. Going to make me one for sure.

  10. I got the light fixture and tried this from another site. The caps came off when taking the markers out and I had to break out the top part to get the caps. :( Also, off brand markers do NOT fit this so now I am back to square one. Any suggestions?

  11. Where can I find the insert tray for the pens, pencil...I have been looking everywhere for one and cannot find any please help