Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday - Coloring glitter using Copic Markers

Hi Ladies,
My name is Jacqueline Smith and this is very my first tutorial of any kind for Shelly's Images so please bare with me.
I found this tutorial from Elizabeth's Crafts using Warm Highlight Glitter and coloring it using Copic Markers. She uses her own peel - offs, Sookwang tape, Warm highlight glitter and then colors the Peel-Off image using Copics Markers. I decided to see if it would work  using a digital image. So I printed the image (Play Ball) onto shimmery white paper and then photocopied it, by running the acetate thru a photocopier machine at home. You can use a printer as well by making sure you select the right acetate for the right printer which it will say on the packaging.
Supplies needed: Acetate, Warm Highlight Glitter (by In The Making Enterprises),  Sookwang tape or double sided adhesive, Digital Image (Let's Play Ball -Shelly's Images) and various Copic Markers.
Step 1. Print image onto Acetate, cut around image and apply to double sided adhesive onto backside of image. On top of a piece of vellum, apply Warm Highlight glitter onto adhesive and brush off excess. Put back back in jar. Burnish well using your finger, it should look like this when done.

Step 2.  Decide where the Light source is coming from, in this case it's coming from the left side. Take Copic markers E11 and E15 to color skin, always start with the lightest color (E11) to color each area. Starting with the arms, base coat using E11 using bottom of the nib of a Copic marker and then apply the dark color (E15) for the shadows. Then go back to E11 to mop out the dark color so it blends (no harsh lines between dark & light colors) using the brush bottom of the copic marker never use the tip of the brush unless in real small area. Then go back and do the face using the above mention technique. Before putting the caps back on the Copic markers make sure there is no glitter on nib, this will damage the nib if left on. Tip: to get rid of glitter just use an old scrap of paper to gently brush the nib back & forth until no glitter remains. Then take a soft cloth to gently get rid of the glitter.

Step 3: Starting with B53, basecoat the boy's helmet. Then take B79 and apply the darks around the back of the helmet, the holes over the ear piece. Again go back with B53 to mop out the dark color so it blends (no harsh lines between dark & light colors). Basecoat the jersey using B53,leaving out the collar and the trim. Then add the shadows using B79 and go over with B53 to blend. 

 Step 4: Using YR68 basecoat the gloves and then use R27 to add shadows. Then go back to blend the colors using YR68. If there isn't enough contrast go back with R59 to deepen the shadows again go back to blend using YR68. Do this with his collar and trim around his jersey using the same colors.
Here is what it looks like up to now before coloring the bat and hair.
Step 5:  I used E55 and E89 for the bat. I basecoat the bat using the lighter color (E55) and went back in using the E89 for the shadows. Then I blended the colors using E55. I basecoated his hair using E100 and didn't add an highlights. It doesn't look like it but once you turn it over, you will be amazed at what the picture looks like.

Here the image is facing the right way and looks a lot better.
I really hope you like the tutorial and learned a new technique today.
Here is what the finished card looks like; 

Thanks for coming by and have a creative day!
Rubber Hugs,


  1. Jackie, this is a wonderful tutorial. I love how the printed lines of the digi sort of "pop" when you turn the digi over. I have seen a few tutorials about coloring glitter, but hadn't seen it done quite this way. Thanks so much for the amazing explanation. GREAT work on your first tutorial!!!!! I hope you had an amazing birthday yesterday. :)

  2. Great tutorial Jackie.
    Hugs, Marianne

  3. Jackie, thanks a lot for the Tutorial, will give it a go. xx

  4. What a cool idea!
    Thanks Jackie for a great tutorial!
    Hugs & Happy Days!