Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Refilling Copic Markers

Happy Tuesday y'all and Happy Chilly Fall!
Grab your coffee - I've found a new favorite for my Kuerig machine 'Vanilla Mocha' with Heath Bar Creamer - YUMMO!!!

I've been colorin' like crazy lately and of course, all my Copics seem to need a little 'refillin' lately!
Well, I've got a simple way I thought I'd share with you to refill your markers.
So, all you need is is a Copic ink refill and matching marker that needs refilling.
Also, to make less mess if you have bad aim - I always have a piece of my trusty cardboard. =)

Remove cap of ink refill and cap of Copic Marker (the Broad tip end)

Carefully drop refill liquid onto broad tip end of the marker.

It takes a little time, but you don't have to spend the Moo-lah on the little refiller thing-a-ma-jiggy (yep, that's the technical name) AND you don't have to pull out the nib and potentially make a bigger mess with a spill.  =)

Happy Refillin'!  


  1. Great tutorial Min. Many of my markers are needing refilled. I can tell what I am going to be asking Santa for. ;)

  2. Thanks Min. I always pull out the nib and then put it underneath to catch any drips but this way is far easier (and quicker).