Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scrabble Block Sentiments using MS Word

A tutorial by Jen Leeflang for Shelly’s Images.com

You will need:
MS Word
Stick-on Alphabet individual letters

Here’s what you do:
Decide on the sentiment (words) you want to use and count the number of Scrabble tiles you will need. Remember to include a ‘blank’ tile for the space between each word.
Measure the size of your stick-on letters as this will determine the size of your Scrabble tile.
Open a new document in MS Word
Click on “Insert”
Click on “Shapes” 
Select this shape from the "Basic Shapes"

Click and drag the shape to the size you require to fit your stick-on letter (you use the ruler on your MS Word document to help you)
Once you have your first tile, click on tile, then right-click and select “Copy”.
Now you can right-click and “Paste” the number of tiles you will need, eg

The last step is to click and drag the tiles into line, horizontally, or vertically according to the design of your sentiment, eg
Now you can print your sentiment directly onto your cardbase, or you can cut out each individual tile to add to your creation.

A little tip: If you right-click on your shape/tile, you can select “Format AutoShape” and then use the drop-down arrow to select a new colour or texture for your tile.

I hope you found that simple enough to do and enjoyed learning something new.Pop back here on Thursday to see how I used this technique on my Terrifically Thrilling Thursday inspiration card I have to share with you.
See you here on Thursday to see who our TERRICIALLY THRILLING GUEST DESIGNER is!