Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Tote Bags

Kitten calling here -

OK - I am going to share with you the secret of my fave little tote bags.  I use these loads (this is what the Grasmere Gingerbread wedding favour bags is based on (but made to fit the gingerbread slices - shhhhh)
FIRST - slice a 4" section off a double sided scrapbook paper.  Make it a decent weight - but not too thick as that tends to crack

Score at 4" - 5" - 9" - 10" 

- just love these scoring boards - makes it so much easier.  You have to remember that sometimes I have to make a batch of 100+ for the weddings

And the score at 1/2" - 3"

So - now you have your basic template lined up - you need to cut a V at the base (the larger section) - so the bottom tucks up neat
You also need to trim off the top and bottom of the SMALLER section that is going to wrap around and make your bag - so that it sits neat

The smaller section of the long side is the top - and needs to be tucked under before you shape the bag round

Make sure you give it a really crisp fold - then the corners will be neater

Next you tuck your bottom in (painless - I promise).

 Fold the shorter narrow sides in first - then layer the longer front and back over them.

Tiny tip - I use PVA glue for the base - yes - as fiddle - but it's a stronger bond

Punch a couple of holes on each of the longer sides and tie a loop of ribbon for a handle - I use about 91/2" for each side - but I am on a budget - a good 12" will make a lovely long handle.

Than just have a ball adding an image!

You can adjust the side measurements to suit what ever you need - and make it deeper if you wish - but I just love this dinky little size

Have fun!

kitten xx


  1. Wow this is fabulous thanks for sharing this and a great tutorial:)x

  2. Excellent tutorial thanks for sharing your secret to us.Keep posting about tote bag.I really love to see some kind of blog like this.