Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crafty Letters To Santa On The 6th Day of Christmas

Good Morning Friends!

Welcome To Day 6 In Our 12 Days of Christmas,
This 12 Days of Christmas event is now closed.
Here at Shelly's Images!

Have All Of You Sat On Santa's Lap And Told Him What You Want
For Christmas, This Year?!

Or At Least Written Santa A Letter With All
Your Christmas Wishes?

No?! Awww, Why Not?! You're Running Out Of Time!

Never Fear! We Can Help!

Here at Shelly's Images,
We Want To Make Sure Santa Has All Your Crafty
Wishes On His Gift List This Year!

So, We Are Giving You The Chance To Make All Your Crafty Wishes Known, With
Crafty Letters To Santa!

Write Your Crafty Letter To Santa And Share It With Us In
The Comment Section, Below.

One Lucky Winner Who Shares Thier
Crafty Letter To Santa
Will Win A Shelly's Images Mug!

I'll Go First, To Start Of The Festivities, Today:

Dear Santa,
I Want It ALL!!!

No, No, Just Kidding! LOL!

But Seriously,

Dear Santa,
I really really really want a
Zutter Diztrezz-It-All For Christmas!
And, While You're Here, Could You Bring Me Some
New Bling For My I-Rock Tool And Some
Brad Daddies for My I-Top?
I Promise I've Been A Good Girl!

Now It's Your Turn!
Leave A Comment, Below and Share Your Crafty Letter To Santa!
Wish Big! You Never Know Just How Big
Santa's Budget Can Be!

You May Even Be The Lucky Winner Of
Of A Mug From Shelly's Images!

What Are You Waiting For?!

Let's Hear YOUR Crafty Letter To Santa!


  1. Oh....I love this Sammi. I need to find time today to write Santa a letter. Then I need to send Santa in to see what I am wishing for. :)

  2. Hi Shelly, I Truly love this:) Sandra H

  3. Dear Santa
    I know how busy you get at this time of the year. I also know you have been watching me all year and I have been a good girl. Make sure my letter is not going to end up in a naughty pile! Oh Santa what I really would want is to have my health back! I know I am asking for too much.That is a big gift to ask for from you but at least I have tried. If that fails I would like piles of a good paper to print on because as you know I am very wasteful but not deliberately as you know, also if you could stretch it to some adhesives I would be happy.
    I have your favourite cookies already waiting for you Santa. Best wishes to all your reindeers,elves and your Mrs Clause of course. I hope she looks after you properly.

    Kind regards
    Your Michaela xx

    P.S. Do not park your sleigh on the top of my roof this year you could end up in my living room without needing the chimney!

  4. Dear Santa --- Define Good! LOL =)
    I don't need much (as my hubby would tell you) as my craft room is bursting at the seams - but if you can loan me a few of those little elves for a few days to reorganize, that sure would be swell! =)

  5. Dear Santa, I've been a very very good girl this year. And all i want is a Sizzix Bigshot for my craft room. Please...........

  6. Dear Santa,
    I try to keep Chtistmas all year long.. ..i've been good..and i beleive in you ....i really need a new cuttlebug..mine is old and needs too many shims..lol..ty Santa..loves ya

  7. Dear Santa, l'm not asking for too much but what l would really like is to see my Grand daughters face when she is going to met Santa for the 1st time, although she is only a year old this won't happen until she is about 3 or 4 yrs old but what an experence it will be oh and for me just a lovely time with all the family:) Sandra H

  8. Dear Santa, I want it all! Yes, I want it all! I would like to go on a trip to all the Disney parks in the whole wide world with my family. I would also like to win some of the new craft products like the I-Top, American Crafts trimmer, Doodlebug papers, Harmonie papers, and stamps, yes lots of them pelase. I can't seem to stop buying them! I've been a good girl this year and you know, it's true.

    Please please Santa. Be good to me this year. Make all my wishes come true.


    P.S: You won't get the traditional cookies and milk instead there will be a surprise just for you :-)