Friday, November 4, 2011

My studio friends...

Well, it is true that I spend ALOT of time in my studio.  If I am not drawing an image for the shop, or an image for our Fabulous Freebie Friday events, then I am likely working on blog posts or the store.  And every now and then I get time to create a project too.  

This week I have a couple of new additions to my studio.  My son had a fish tank in his room that he was tired of.  So I brought it up to my studio and put two really cute fancy goldfish in it along with two snails.  

My other new studio item is a video camera.  I have been wanting to do some video tutorials for so long.  And now I finally can.  Although I will tell you that the whole idea makes me nervous.  

So this morning I thought I would share a little picture with you of a few of my studio friends.  Our kitty Claire is almost always in here with me.  And generally she is right in the middle of whatever I am trying to work on.  

Have a great day and.....


  1. Laugh - I like your cat so much!
    Big hug

  2. Hmmmm, I thought cats ate fishies! Better keep a close eye on her! LOL!!
    Awesome photo ... thanks for sharing!

  3. Our two cats just look at the fish tank and wonder "When'd you get this?" "Where did 'dese come from" (said in best Kitty voice).
    Claire will sit up there until she accidentally falls INTO the tank! =) Just ask our friends!
    Hugs - Min

  4. Hi, This made me laugh! we have a fish tank like this one and 3 cats, your cat looks so content and lovely sat there, mine would be in the tank like a flash and think their birthdays had come all at :) Sandra H

  5. Oh that is great! :D I usually have my bird stamping with me...Love it! Thank you for sharing!
    Karen C

  6. Great photo, Shelly! Thanks for sharing! The kitty is beautiful. I'm wondering what she's thinking about while sitting on the fish tank, though! LOL

  7. Love the way he's fount the warm spot already