Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Tea Dying

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  
Are you ready for another TUTORIAL TUESDAY 
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Well then ... let's get started! 
 Hi!  Jennifer here!  My very first TT and I hope my post helps at least one person out there today!  What I did was combine two of my LOVES...Crafting and TEA!!  I decided to post about Tea Dying!  Above you will see 3 different kinds of tea!  From left to right is a green tea, black tea, and herbal tea with hibiscus in it.  The hibiscus gives it the vibrant red/purple color.
 And here you will see the bags I used...in reverse order.  You can do tea dying several ways!  Here are just a few ways to try!  Like I did above just steep tea bags and while they are still wet place them on your paper.  You can either let them sit and dry or you can press, dab, drench, etc and dry with a crafting dryer or air dry over night.
 Another way to tea dye is to put the paper directly in the tea as I did here!
 If you choose to do first option you could use different type of tea bags for different effects such as pyramid like I did above...some companies have circle bags and there is always the good old school standby tea bag...rectangular...that is.
 One of the crafts I did with this tea dying is a tag...I put this tag directly IN a cup of tea.  The longer you have the tea and paper touching the darker the tea dye...as well as what type of tea you use!  Black will give you the darkest and greens, whites, yellows, various herbals will all give you different outcomes!  So PLAY!
 Here's a simple tag I made focusing on the tea dye.
 And here is a card I made with the tea dying!  Another way to incorporate tea dying is to paint with the tea like I did here!  All I did is use the tea water as my paint.  I used a thin brush here.  I tea dyed and painted the sleeve and the candle...and dried with my craft dryer/heat gun/tool.
 And here's a closer look at one of my strips I soaked in the black tea.  If you try this or even if you have enjoyed this technique for years already please swing by my blog and let me know!  I'm located HERE!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. This is awesome! I can't wait to give it a try! Thanks for inspiration!!!

  2. Love this Jennifer! How fun that you incorporated two of your favorites into this technique. I know what a tea lover you are. :)