Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3-1-11 Technique Tuesday-Glimmer Mist

I hope you enjoyed our featured image yesterday.  Today I would like to share one of my favorite crafting items with you.  I love the look of Glimmer Mist but not the price.  I came across a recipe awhile back and love it.  Here it is!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

This is the "recipe" for homemade Glitter Mist:

Mister Bottle
Perfect Pearls or Pearl Es (gold and white are the best)
Rubbing Alcohol

Fill bottle 1/2 way with rubbing alcohol
Fill rest of bottle with water (leave room to shake it)
1/4 teaspoon of Perfect Pearl Pigment Powder
For tint add 3 drops of alcohol ink or re-inkers (optional)

Here is my bottle of glimmer mist.  I like to get the bottles at the dollar store.  You must shake the bottle every time before you use it.  The powder does settle to the bottom.

Here is my paper right after I sprayed it with glimmer mist.  Make sure to give it plenty of time to dry.  If you are in a hurry you can use a fan or heating tool to dry it quickly.  Once it is dry flip it over to flatten it back out.  I like to place a small book on it for a little while.

Here is my paper dried and ready to use.

I added Shelly's wonderful Feathered Friends image to finish off my card.

I hope you stop by and share you own creations with the glimmer mist you make.


  1. This is a wonderful tutorial Stephanie. I know that I will be making some of my own glimmer mist very soon.

  2. Stephanie - what an AWESOME way to make Glimmer mist! How cool!!! Thanks for the idea. May have to give this a try very soon!!
    Hugs & Happy Days!

  3. I love your tutorial and agry with you they are expensive,but can you tell me pls what's the rubbing alcohol