Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good saturday morning to you.

Goodmorning everyone.

Today I just wanted to share a bit about my past days over here in the Netherlands. On May 4th we had our memorial day for all the people that were killed during world war II and in other war situations and during peace missions all over the world. At 8 PM the whole country is silence. Nobody speaks for 2 minutes... no traffic, no airplanes, no trains.. everybody and everything stand still. And that is so unbelivable... but we do. And we give honor to all of them that gave their life for our Freedom.
And on May 5th we celebrate the fact that we can live in freedom. On this day in 1945 the German's were defetad and the war finally ended for us. So on that day we celebrate that.
And every year on those days I thank the people who died for us and made it possible that we can celebrate this day. And I know that in America there are holidays like this as well. How about if we ask Shelly if she can make a special image for your Memorial Day or perhaps you will use that image and to join in Operation Write Home. I think that Shelly would love to make a beautiful digi stamp for this . Please if you have suggestions on what it could be... let us know!

Love to all of you xx


  1. Marion - how great to learn more about your country! As a daughter and daughter in law of two war veterans, our family celebrates each & every day for the freedoms they and others that fight to keep us free. I'm sure Shelly will hook us up with an image or two.
    Thanks again for a wonderful week to Marion! So glad to have you!
    Hugs & Happy Days!

  2. Beautiful post Marion! Thanks so much for sharing this with us! My maternal Grandmother was there in the Netherlands during the war but rarely spoke about it - other than being grateful when the soldiers came to free them! My grandfather and three grand-uncles were soldiers who served in the armed forces during the wars. My husband is retired from the military now, but served in Panama, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and more. We too are so glad and celebrate our freedoms here too!

  3. Thanks so much for all of your hard work this week Marion! And thanks for this post. I love hearing about your holidays and the way you pay tribute to your veterans.