Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial - Cropping in Word

Here is a quick little tutorial for ya.

There are a ton of ways to crop an image so you have only the pieces that you want to create with.  And at Shelly's Images we have quite a few "sets" for you to use.  But sometimes we are in a hurry and we just want a fast way to print just the parts of the image that we are going to use.  Ok, ok....I don't know about you, but I seem to ALWAYS be in a hurry.  Here is a fast way to do a simple crop in using Microsoft Word.  There are alot of different versions of Word out there so if you have a different version than I do then the steps might be slightly different.

To start open your Word Program.  Now click insert and then click picture.  This will pull up window where you can choose the picture you want to work with.  I am using Shelly's Images "Cupcake" today.

Once you have inserted your picture your Word program will automatically change to the "Picture Tools" tab.

Now click Crop.  You can find it toward the right side of the toolbar.  This screen shot shows "Crop" at the top red arrow.  Once you click crop you will see little ":crop marks" at each corner and along each side.  To keep the image in proportion ONLY drag the corner marks.  I want to use just the cupcake today.  So using the top right corner mark I want to click and drag until I have the marks surrounding just the part of the image that I want to use.

This screenshot shows my image after I dragged the corner.  Now I can print just the cupcake.

I hope this tutorial helps you.  I know it is a lifesaver for me when I am working on those last minute projects.

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  1. Fantastic tutorial! I wish I had word! I need it desperately, but its so expensive!