Monday, January 3, 2011

First Marvelous Monday of 2011!

First Marvelous Monday of 2011!

Can you believe it... the new year is just beginning... and already we have some spectacular things for you in the plan...

Today we start with a brand new Marvelous Monday.
I made this huge mistake last week.... presenting you all the Bride and Groom.... well...
(Note from Shelly....not so huge.  Just shows that we all make mistakes.  :)    )

No worries... cause then we bring you the Boots today!
This way we can walk into the New Year on a Classy way!

Don't forget the fact that they are available with a great discount today!

I played a bit with the image and made this with them... 
This image is also available with Shelly on request!

Sammi made these gorguous pink striped boots!

Audrey gave them the lovely traditional real leather look!

We hope that you all like them and find enough inspiration to want to buy them and play with them!
Have lots of fun!


  1. Wonderful projects girls. And again you all astound me at the completely different projects. It is just wonderful to see the things that can be created with one image.

  2. FABULOUS projects ladies! So inspirational!! Cute image Shelly!! Keep up the good work ladies and all the best in 2011!