Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome Wednesday

Welcome Wednesday!

So what will bring Wednesday for you? Well over here in the Netherlands it started with some sunshine and my DD and I went to a camp store to get her some camping stuff for her camp with the scouting next month.
Oh talking about months.. Time is flying by... I don't know about you but somehow it's June and I have no idea what happened to May... before I knew it was gone. I'm so glad that the newsletter from Shelly made a wrap it up about May. So all the fun stuff we made and the new releases were passing by one more time. 

And here is June.. And she started so great with the Hook and Line Digital Stamp.
Somehow I keep on working with this stamp all week. It's is so diverse and I know that there will be a great Freebie on Friday to go with this stamp and that there is an extra release....

Monday the card.... Tuesday on the milk pack (did you give it a try yet?)
And tomorrow and Friday it will be on my project as well...
Tomorrow we will be running a brand new TTT and of course we will anounce a winner on the TTT that was organized by Audrey.
Here is a little glimpse of what I have in store for you tomorrow

I hope you all will be back and join the TTT.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment.


  1. That looks like a super fun project Marion. I can't wait to see what you have planned for TTT.

  2. Oh I can hardly wait to see what you have planned for us Marion!

  3. looks intriguing.. can't wait to see the rest.

  4. ooh! How very fun this looks to be! :) Can't wait to ee it! :)