Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Technique Tuesday

Tutorial for Tuesday

I'm into those copics... I can't explain why i love them so much. Well I can. Before I started with scrapbooking and making cards I painted with watercolors and I love that medium. It's transparent and soft and gentle. And when I first colored with copics I found out that I can get almost the same results with them. But I could also make bold and strong colors with them. So I started coloring Stamps and then Digital Stamps with them.

But when I got started I had no idea which colors to use for what and where to start with buying colors. I started surfing the internet and found some advices and I bought my first copics...
Well that didn't turn out the way I had hoped. Not all of those colors blended so well together and although the numbers were close to each other... they didn't match the way I hoped.

After quite some months and mistakes I can say that I have a clue on which colors to use for what.
And this tutorial is all about that.
To start to make you familiar with the colors you can start with I made a list for you.

My copic combinations:

E51 , E000, E21, (R30 Pale Yellowish pink for the blush on the cheeks)

Blonde: Y21, YR24, E42

Jeans: (blue)
E91, E93, E95

BG75, G28

Greens for Flora
YG11, YG23, YG63

BV0000, BV02

RV000, RV32, RV34, R85

R24, R27, R29

E35, E55, E57

Grey tones:
C0, C1, C3 (cool grey)
W0, W3, W5 (warm grey)

Well I hope you all have some benefit from this list. Next time I will talk a bit more about how to color and blend colors and several techniques.

Please let me know if this helped you in any way.



  1. Oh Marion, this helped me alot! I have been looking at copics and struggling. It is so hard to know where to start. Thanks for taking the time to make this list for us!

  2. This is a great list Marion! It will make a convenient little shopping list for both seasoned and new Copic users too!