Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2-14 Technique & Tip Tuesday! Sticky Business!

Welcome to another Technique & Tip Tuesday!
For Today, We Are Talking About
Some Sticky Business!!!

That's Right, We're Going To Talk About Adhesives
And The Best Types For Various Projects.

Of Course, Now, These Are Just Tips From My Experience. You May Find That You
Like To Use Something Different In Some Of These Situations.
If You Have A Sticky Tip, I'd Love To Hear It, So
Please Share!

There Are So Many Different Types of Adhesives Out There! It Can Be Really Confusing
Trying To Figure Out Just What To Use On Each Project!
Hopefully, This Post Will Give You A Little Help With What Works
Best In Each Situation!

My Favorite Adhesive, By Far, For Many Projects Is The Tape Gun. If You Haven't Tried One, You Really Need To! They Are Absolutely Fabulous! The Initial Investment Is
A Bit Pricey, But Well Worth It In The Long Run! The Refill Rolls
Of Tape Are Very Reasonably Priced For The Amount Of Tape You Get,
And Comes In A Both Permanent And Removable Adhesives!
This Tape Is Really Sticky, Too! You Will Love It!
It Works Wonderfully To Put Cards And Layouts Together, As Well
As Putting Together Bags And Boxes! Defintely Consider A Tape Gun As Your
Go To Adhesive For Most Projects! I Have NEVER Had A Card
Or Layout Fall Apart, That I've Put
Together With My Tape Gun!

There Are Times, Of Course, When A Tape Gun Just Won't Quite Do It.
Especially When Adding Buttons, Pearls, Laces, Etc.

I've Found That Glue Dots Are Perfect For Adding Buttons To
Cards And Layouts. They're Very Sticky And Come In Several Sizes!
I Love The Mini Ones For Dew Drop Pearls, And The Small or Medium Are
Perfect For Buttons or Small Flowers! For Larger Embellishments,
The Large Glue Dots Work Great.

Then, There's The Cousin Of The Glue Dot... At Least That's What I Call Them,
Because They Are Very Similar To Glue Dots, But Are Lines or Strips Of
Glue, Made Of The Same Substance! These Wonderful
Little Things Are Called Zips! (I Think There's Some By A Different
Company, With A Different Name, But They're The Same Basic Thing).
They Are Awesome For Attaching Pieces Of Lace Or Ribbon!

Now, For Mini Pearls, Tiny Gems or Wiggly Eyes, That Come Without Adhesive On
The Back, Scotch Quick Dry Glue Works Beautifully! Simply Add
A Small Dot Of The Glue Where You Want Your
Pearl Or Gem, Place Your Pearl Or Gem On Top,
And Stick It Down! It Dries Very Quickly And Dries Clear.
So If You're Messy, Like Me, You Won't
Ruin Your Project!

When Adding Beads Or Clear Acrylic Pieces, I like To Use
Glossy Accents. Very Sticky And Holds Great! (This Stuff is Fantastic
For Making Your Own Decorative Stick Pins
With Beads!

For Altering Paint Cans, I Love The Red Liner Tape. (Also called
Terrifically Tacky Tape.) It Comes In A Roll, Is Extremely Sticky And
Has A Removable Red Liner On The Back. This Stuff
Sticks Great To Metal!

Lastly, Let's Talk About Attaching Your Images To Your Cards. Sometimes, I Do Use
The Tape Gun, But Most Of The Time, I Want My Image And Project
To Have Some Dimension. So, When I Want Dimension,
I Use Foam Mounting Tape. It's Thin Adhesive Foam And
Comes In A Roll. Just Snip Off How Much You
Need, Stick It On The Back Of Your Image, And Peel Off
The Protective Liner! Simple!
You Can Buy It Most Everywhere! In The Plumbing Department
At Walmart, Or Even Near The Scotch Tape In
Your Local Grocery Store!

Well, That's All Of The "Sticky Business" I Have For You,
Today! I Hope You Found It Helpful! I'd Love For Your To Share Your
"Sitcky Business" With Me! I'd Really Like To
Hear Your Favorites And What Works For You!


  1. Thanks Sammi....I know that I often sit and puzzle about which adhesives are best for different items. This list will help me alot.

  2. Great input - I've NEVER heard of Zips - now I'll be on the look out for those.

    I agree on the Tape Gun - Shelly got me one for Christmas and now that I've figured out how to working it, I LOVE IT!!! =)
    Great Tips Sammi!

  3. Great tips Sammi, thanks, I for myself use a lot of times Aleene's tacky glue, I put some glue on a left over paper and with a cocktail spike put it on tiny things, if you spoile a little bit, it's gone when it dried out.